Aura® Bath & Spa Matte Finish K532

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Aura® Bath & Spa Matte Finish K532 is a premium interior coating perfect for high-humidity environments, as it's mildew resistant. You'll achieve extreme hide and coverage with fewer coats, and the paint and primer are combined in one product for easy application. Plus, it has zero VOCs and a low odour, so you can enjoy your spa experience without any unpleasant smells.

✔️ Optimized for humid environments
✔️ Extreme hide for fewer coats
✔️ Colour Lock® Technology, no colour rub-off
✔️ Zero VOC, low odour
✔️ Provides a mildew resistant coating
✔️ Easy application and clean-up

✔️ 100% Acrylic

Bathroom and sauna applications. New or previously painted wallboard, plaster, masonry and wood; primed or previously painted metal.

Primer Systems:
AURA® is self-priming on most surfaces. On bare substrates two coats are required; previously painted surfaces can be finished with 1 or 2 coats. While the high quality of this product sometimes makes one-coat coverage achievable, Benjamin Moore® recommends two coats of this product to achieve full colour development and to maximize paint film performance.

Dry Time:
To Touch: 1 hour

To Recoat: 1 hour

Sheen / Gloss:

Do not paint when air or surface temperature is below 10°C (50 °F).

Technical Data Sheet:
TDS K532 (English)