Arborcoat® Premium Exterior Solid Stain, For Decks & Siding - K640

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Arborcoat® is a high-quality wood stain that is perfect for decks and siding, and masks the grain of the wood without obscuring its texture. It is formulated to protect and beautify all types of wood, including cedar, redwood, and pressure treated lumber. Arborcoat® features easy application, a durable matte finish, fast dry time, water cleanup, and excellent colour retention. It is also great for coating older, weathered composite decks. With Arborcoat®, you can enjoy the beauty of your wood deck without worrying about its protection.

⭐ GIVES YOUR WOOD DECK A LONG-LASTING, BEAUTIFUL FINISH - Arborcoat® is a premium exterior wood stain that provides superior protection and beauty for all types of wood decks and siding. It features an easy application, fast dry time, water cleanup, and excellent colour retention.

⭐ PROTECTS YOUR WOOD FROM UV DAMAGE - Arborcoat's® high-quality ingredients provide excellent UV protection, which helps to prevent your deck from fading and becoming brittle in the sun.

⭐ RESISTS MILDEW AND OTHER STAINS - Arborcoat®'s matte finish resists mildew buildup, so your deck will stay looking beautiful for years to come.

⭐ SELF PRIMING - Arborcoat® is self priming and can be applied to most previously painted or stained surfaces without the need for additional priming.