Full Circle International SD180-5 8-3/4- Level 360 Sanding Disc 180 Grit 5-Pack


180 Grit 8-3/4 in. round sanding disc. This sanding disc is aluminum oxide that is clog resistant and self-sharpening for longer life. Loop backed sandpaper that firmly attaches to the foam disc, preventing debris from collecting behind the sandpaper, and eliminating a major cause of streaking. 180 Grit sanding discs can be used with the Radius360 sanding tool, or with the Power Pad for power sander.

  • SD180-5 sanding disc is an aluminum oxide clog resistant sandpaper
  • 180 Grit sanding disc is a self-sharpening abrasive for longer life when sanding
  • Hook and loop for quick and easy changing sanding discs
  • SD180-5 sanding disc is 8.34 in. which fits perfect on the Radius360 sanding tool and power pad
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