Penofin Verde Environmentally Friendly Interior, Exterior, Wood Stain Semi-Transparent

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Penofin Verde is a semi-transparent, penetrating oil finish manufactured to the highest environmental standard. It contains no petroleum bi-products, and it is completely safe for use around children and animals. Containing no hazardous substances, Verde uses new green technology and materials which are made from sustainable plant-based ingredients. Penofin Verde is the (eco) logical choice of architects, green building contractors, woodworking professionals and environmentally conscious consumers.

Verde exceeds all environmental air quality standards and meets LEED criteria for Green Building. It is virtually odorless and does not off gas. Penofin Verde is available in both interior and exterior finishes, in a variety of sheens.

⭐ Interior & Exterior
⭐ Non-Hazardous
⭐ Non-Film Forming
⭐ VOC < 0.1 g/l
⭐ Virtually Odorless
⭐ 99% UV Protection
⭐ Natural Oil Beauty
⭐ Preserves & Protects
⭐ Extends Life of Wood
⭐ Dry to touch in 4 hours
⭐ Serviceable in 12 hours


Apply to clean, dry, bare wood. The wood may be cleaned initially with Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner Step 2. New wood can be dirty from transport and construction and should be cleaned before application. Always test an inconspicuous area to ensure proper surface preparation and color selection. Stir this product thoroughly before and during application. Apply at temperatures above 45°. Verde is stable under freeze/ thaw conditions. For optimum performance bring the stain to room temperature before application. Do not apply if the wood is hot to the touch. Using a brush, pad, or pump sprayer apply a liberal coat to the wood. Protect, tarp or mask off any adjacent areas you do not wish to stain. Verde is a penetrating finish and will penetrate any porous surface. Allow Verde 10-20 minutes to penetrate the wood. This step is important as it allows the finish to coat the individual fibers of the wood, protecting your investment from the inside out. After 10-20 minutes wipe the surface thoroughly with clean lint free cloths to remove any excess finish.

Penofin is a penetrating finish and is not a surface coating. Failure to wipe will allow the finish to dry on the surface of the wood and will result in a tacky finish.

Soak any wiping cloths in a bucket of water to avoid the possibility of spontaneous combustion which can occur with any oil-based product.