Custom Lacquer & Aerosol Matching

If you’ve tried before, you know that perfectly matching a lacquer finish can be just as difficult as matching the stain beneath it. And if you need to match the colour of aerosol paints, you know you don’t have the luxury of simply pouring the paint match into a new can.

Custom lacquer and aerosol matching are different processes that each require a refined approach and/or specialized equipment and formulations.

Fortunately for you, the dedicated Aerosols and Lacquers Matching Department at The Paint People Meadowvale is ready to help you find perfection.

Custom Lacquer Matching

When you’re looking for a perfect match for your painted kitchen cabinets or washroom vanities, you need to make sure your lacquer matching is precise! Like matching other paints or stains, lacquer matching takes skill, time and a careful approach.

Once we get a formulation right, our custom lacquer matching specialists record it in a database. If it is ever needed again, either for a touch-up or another lacquer-matching project, we don’t have to go through the same painstaking process.

For professional cabinet and furniture makers and refinishers, our unique custom lacquer matching facilities and processes, along with our extensive record of every lacquer formulation we have created for them, are their assurance of quality, consistency and a professional finish.

Custom Aerosol Matching

Sure, you bought the same brand and the right colour code, but somehow the colour of the aerosol paint over your repair isn’t the same as the colour of the original paint application. If the same brand and code of paint doesn’t work, how will you ever find the right match?

Bring a sample of your desired paint colour to the custom aerosol paint matching experts at The Paint People. We will quickly match the colour and finish of paint with an industrial rapid-dry paint. Using specialized equipment, we then inject the matching paint into an aerosol can for you. 

Voila, your very own custom aerosol paint can.