Paint Colour, Stain, & Caulking Matching

At The Paint People we always have dedicated custom paint matching specialists on-site. Bring us a sample of the colour you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll match it up for you.  Whether it be a competitor’s paint chip, your favourite piece of fabric, or a piece off the wall, our paint colour matching specialist will get the job done! So you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your new colour. These services are available at all three paint people locations:

Custom Paint Matching

Wouldn’t you know it? The paint colour that’s been in your Grandmother’s kitchen ever since you were whatever is now the must-have paint colour for your new home. But how are you going to match the paint colour? Every paint swatch you bring home just isn’t right.

First, relax. The Paint People’s on-site custom paint colour matching specialists have you covered. Everyone on the team has extensive experience in painstakingly matching paint colours.

Perhaps best of all, whether it’s a favourite memory, or simply the comfort of Grandma’s kitchen in your own home, they understand why it is so important that the paint colour be matched faithfully.

Aided by computerized paint matching technology, their knowledge of colour composition and a trained eye for subtle nuances mean that there’s no paint colour that our specialists can’t match.

Just in case you can’t actually bring us a piece of Grandma’s wall, bring us a colour swatch, a piece of cloth, or anything that comes closest to what you need. We’ll take it from there. You won’t believe how quickly you’ll be painting your walls with exactly the right tint and shade of paint; the perfect match.

Custom Stain Matching

If you’ve stained wood before, you’ve probably tried to do some of your own stain matching. Seems easy enough. You have some of the stain left over. Except, when you stain a new section of wood, it doesn’t look right. It’s lighter. So you try another coat of stain, Now it’s too dark. And it’s different when you look at it the next day.

You now have an idea of the delicate art and science that is custom stain matching. And you know why you need the trained and experienced custom stain matching team at The Paint People if you want an exact stain match.

The basis for all our stain matching is the quality of the stain, which must be maintained or the match might never be perfect. A custom stain blend is created for each match. One of the intricacies of custom stain matching is that the type of stain must be matched as well as the colour. Our team perfectly matches all latex, solvent and oil based stains as well as two-tone and spray stains.

To get your custom stain match exactly right, we’ll need a sample of the colour that you are trying to match and a minimum 1 ft. x 1 ft. piece of the wood that you’ll be staining. This is crucial for the right match because the wood species affects the finished colour of the stain.The final colour of the stain is affected by drying and the application of a clear coat. Getting the perfect stain match for your project requires a minimum 48 hours.

Custom Caulking Matching

It’s been the same way forever. If you want coloured caulk, you better want it in a white, gray, clear, almond or brown because that’s just about all the colours of caulking there are, right?

Custom-matching caulking colours to paint or grout colours is something that many people don’t even realize is a thing. They’ve just accepted that their beautifully painted or tiled surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom must be interrupted by a line of shockingly pure white, or, at best, the dull gray tint of clear caulking that doesn’t stand out so much. But it doesn’t match either.

If this has been your world through every kitchen and bathroom reno, have we ever got some really great news for you. The custom caulking matching specialists right here at The Paint People can mix caulking to match the colour of any paint, tile or grout.

In fact, if it’s a paint colour you’re trying to match, we can use the paint itself to get the match just right. In cases of matching tile or grout, we can find a paint colour that matches the tile or grout colour and work from that to come up with a custom caulking colour that puts the perfect finish on your project.