Full Circle International Radius360 Sanding Tool R360

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The Radius360 Sanding Tool from Full Circle International is the perfect tool for any sanding job. With its round shape and large size, it gives you a flawlessly smooth finish with ease. The 8.75” Level360 sanding discs give you a wide range of grits to choose from, so you can get the perfect finish every time. The Pro Handle Adapter allows you to quickly and easily change from pole sanding to hand sanding, making this the most versatile and convenient sanding tool on the market.

Up to 3 times faster than a conventional sanding pole, with better results.
No flipping, skipping, or scratching. Movement is flawless with the round shape.
90-Percent larger than a standard rectangle pole sander, making it the largest surface area sander on the market.
Round pliable .50-Inch hook and loop pad forms perfectly to the contours of curved surfaces.
Oval adapter makes quick and easy change from pole sanding to hand sanding with the Pro Handle Adapter.