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Unmask the Potential with Associated Paint Masking Liquid H20

Painting just got a whole lot easier! Say goodbye to tedious taping and hello to precision edge control with Associated Paint Masking Liquid H20. Our innovative solution is designed for both the professional painter and enthusiastic DIYer who wants a sharp, clean finish every time.

Why Choose Associated Paint Masking Liquid H20?


Cut down on prep time. Just brush, spray or roll it on!


Water-based formula that's kind on the environment.



Versatile Use

Ideal for any surface - it adheres to wood, glass, metal, and more.

Easy Peel

Leaves no residue for a flawless, professional result.

Get Your Liquid Masking On Today

  • Ready to speed up your paint prep?
  • Excited to achieve crisp, clean lines with ease?
  • Eager to minimize cleanup and improve your results?

Join the ranks of satisfied painters who've elevated their projects with Associated Paint Masking Liquid H20. It's more than just liquid masking; it's a professional edge in a bottle.

Don't waste another moment on old-fashioned tapping methods. Order now and revolutionize the way you paint. Liquid Masking tape available now in Canada!

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