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Transform Your Woodwork With SAMAN'S Superior Quality

Saman understands your passion for woodcraft. That's why Saman has engineered their wood finishing solutions to be remarkably user-friendly and enduring. Saman wood products are tailored for simple application, quick drying times, and long-lasting protection that keeps your pieces timeless

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Why Choose Saman Wood Finishing Products?

Innovative and Eco-Conscious

With more than 25 years in the game, Saman made waves when they introduced the first water-based wood stain back in 1997. Constantly evolving, Saman wood products are not just a nod to innovation; they're a commitment to the environment. Saman water-based wood stains, varnishes, and oils are non-toxic, safe for your loved ones, and gentle on the planet.

Colours That Speak To You

Saman's range of finishes and a spectrum of colors are designed to capture your vision. From vibrant hues to natural tints, Saman wood stains add character and life to your woodwork. Whether rejuvenating an old floor or creating a new masterpiece, Saman's wood colors will fit your mood and match your style.

Made in Canada

Proudly manufactured in Quebec, Canada. Each Saman product undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it stands up to the elements and exceeds edustry expectations.

Expert Guidance

Get expert tips and guidance on choosing the right Saman wood stain and wood varnish for your project.

Explore Saman's Array of Wood Finishing and Maintenance Products:

Saman Water-Based Stains: Elevate the natural beauty of your wood with our eco-friendly water-based stains. Formulated with natural ingredients, they provide vibrant, long-lasting color while being safe for you and the environment.

Saman Floor Varnishes & Oils: Keep your wood surfaces protected and looking their best with our high-quality varnishes and oils. Our easy-to-apply coatings will give your furniture or flooring a professional finish that will stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Join the Saman Journey – Experience Wood Finishes Like Never Before

Ready to take your wood projects to the next level? Join the countless professional artisans and enthusiastic renovators who trust Saman for all their wood finishing needs.

Let your creativity flow, let your wood glow. Choose Saman for results that show!

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