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Experience the Wooster® Difference in Every Stroke

Welcome to the nexus of painting precision and craftsmanship. The Wooster Brush Company has been an industry trailblazer, providing American-made paint applicators and tools since 1851. Our dedication to quality has painted us as the go-to choice for professional painters, contractors, and home renovators. When you're armed with Wooster's arsenal – from sturdy roller frames to our finest paint brushes – every stroke leads towards perfection.

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Why Choose Wooster Brush Company Paint Applicators?

American Made

With over 170 years of industry experience, Wooster Brush Company understands painting better than anyone else. Proudly manufactured in the USA


Wooster Brush Company continually innovates to make paintng faster, easier, and more effective for everyone



Unmatched Quality

Trusted by generations of painting professionals, Wooster products are the embodiment of American craftsmanship

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our expert advice to help you choose the perfect Wooster applicator for your project!

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Premium Quality Paint Brushes

Discover a range of Wooster paint brushes meticulously designed for maximum coverage and ease of use. Whether you're cutting in edges or laying down finishes, Wooster paint brushes glide smoothly, offering unparalleled control and efficiency.

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Professional Painting Tools

Wooster's tools empower you to achieve top-notch results on any painting project. Wooster has honed their craft over decades to provide professional painting tools that don't just meet your expectations but exceed them.

Sico Pro Luxe Rubbol Solid Stain Deck - The Paint People

Heavy-Duty Roller Frames

For larger scale jobs, Wooster's roller frames ensure even and consistent application without the arm fatigue. Built for durability and comfort, they're a wise investment for professionals who demand the best.

For the Pro Painter and the Home Renovator

Whether you're a seasoned contractor or tackling your first home project, Wooster provides the tools to achieve a flawless finish. From delicate trim work to grand-scale exteriors, we have the right paintbrush or tool for the job.

Commitment to Excellence

Each Wooster product is a testament to our vow – "For every project, every time." Choose Wooster® for a seamless painting experience from the moment you dip your brush until the final drying breath of paint.

Ready to Elevate Your Painting Projects With Wooster?

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