ben® Premium Interior Acrylic Paint & Primer

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Your walls will never be the same with Benjamin Moore's ben® Premium Interior Acrylic Paint & Primer.

Give your home a makeover in a fraction of the time with Benjamin Moore's Ben paint. The premium acrylic formula provides rich, even color. And the paint and primer combination means far less hassle compared to applying separate layers. This stunning paint offers unlimited color possibilities to match any decor and mood. With just one coat needed, it is an easy and beautiful way to transform any space.

ben® Premium Interior Paint Features:

Zero VOC and Low Odor: A healthier choice for you and your family, with minimal chemical emissions.

Self-Priming: Acts as its own primer on most surfaces, saving you time and money.

Scuff-Resistant: Makes cleaning and maintaining your walls a breeze.

Available in Various Sheens: Matte, eggshell, satin/pearl, and semi-gloss.

Advanced Tech: Engineered with Gennex® Colour Technology

Have Questions? Check our FAQ section or contact us for more information about Benjamin Moore ben® Paint.

Recommended Uses of Benjamin Moore's ben® Paint

Trim, Walls, and Ceilings: Ideal for all interior surfaces.

New or Previously Painted Surfaces: Works on wallboard, masonry, wallpapered surfaces, primed or previously painted plaster, wood, metal, and new or coated acoustical ceilings.

Wondering where to buy Benjamin Moore ben® Paint.? Look no further. We guarantee a genuine Benjamin Moore product, ensuring you only get the best!

ben® Premium Interior Paint Spec Chart:

Title Specs

Installation Temperature:

10° C (50° F) min /
32.2° C (90° F) max

Number of Coats Required:

2 (product is self priming on most surfaces)

Recoat Time:

2 hours

Full Cure:



400 – 450 sq. ft./gal.


0 g/L

Vehicle Type:

Proprietary Acrylic

Dry Film Thickness/Coat:

1.3 - 1.5 mils dry (3.4 - 3.9 mils wet)


5 kg/gal (11 l bs)



Solids (% by Volume):

38.3 ± 2%

Colors Available:

3,500+ Colors: Choose from Benjamin Moore's extensive color palette to find the perfect shade for your space.


Matte, Eggshell, Pearl/Satin, Semi-Gloss

Clean Up/Thinning:

Conditioning with Benjamin Moore® K518 Extender may be necessary under certain conditions to adjust open time or spray characteristics.  

Add K518 Extender or water ‐ Max of 236 mL to 3.79 L of paint Never add other paints or solvents.

Clean Up: Wash brushes, rollers, and other painting tools in warm soapy water immediately after use. Spray equipment should be given a final rinse with mineral spirits to prevent rusting.

ben® Premium Interior Paint Application Guide:


An acrylic blended latex product formulated for maximum ease of application to a wide variety of interior surfaces. ben® delivers extended open time for the flexibility to even out areas before they dry and is great for touch‐ups. It creates an easy to maintain finish as a result of its scuff resistant properties.



  • Do not paint when air or surface temperature is below 10 °C (50 °F).
  • For interior use only.


Surface Preparation:

Surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, grease, oil, soap, wax, scaling paint, water soluble materials, and mildew. Remove any peeling or scaling paint and sand these areas to feather edges smooth with adjacent surfaces. Glossy areas should be dulled. Drywall surfaces must be free of sanding dust.  

New plaster or masonry surfaces must be allowed to cure (30 days) before applying base coat. Cured plaster should be hard, have a slight sheen and maximum pH of 10; soft, porous or powdery plaster indicates improper cure. Never sand a plaster surface; knife off any protrusions and prime plaster before and after applying patching compound. Poured or pre‐cast concrete with a very smooth surface should be etched or abraded to promote adhesion after removing all form release agents and curing compounds. Remove any powder or loose particles before priming. Difficult Substrates: Benjamin Moore offers a variety of specialty primers for use over difficult substrates such as plaster, bleeding woods, grease stains, crayon markings, hard glossy surfaces, galvanized metal or other substrates where paint adhesion or stain suppression is a particular problem. Your Benjamin Moore® retailer or architectural representative can recommend the right problem‐solving primer for your special needs.



Stir thoroughly before and during use. Apply 1 – 2 coats. Use the same brushing techniques as you would for any zero‐VOC interior coating. For best results, use a premium Benjamin Moore® custom‐blended nylon/polyester brush, premium Benjamin Moore® roller or a similar product. Apply paint generously from unpainted area into wet area. Avoid lap marks by maintaining a wet edge.  

  • Brush: Nylon / polyester
  • Roller: Premium Quality Spray,
  • Spray Airless: Pressure / 1,500 – 2,500 PSI, Tip / 0.013 – 0.017


Primer Systems:

Ben® Premium Acrylic Paint & Primer, Matte Finish is self‐priming on most surfaces. It will act as its own primer, providing the optimal foundation for the subsequent finish coat. On bare substrates two coats are required; previously painted surfaces can be finished with 1 or 2 coats. While the high quality of our products sometimes makes one‐coat coverage achievable, Benjamin Moore recommends two coats of this product to achieve full colour development and to maximize paint film performance.  

Special Note: Certain custom colours require a Deep Colour Base Primer tinted to a special prescription formula to achieve the desired colour. Consult your retailer.  

Wood, and engineered wood products: Self‐priming  

Bleeding Woods (Redwood, Cedar, etc.): Fresh Start ® Undercoater and Primer/Sealer (K032) or Fresh Start® High‐Hiding All Purpose Primer (K046)

Drywall: Self‐priming

Plaster (Cured): Fresh Start® High‐Hiding All Purpose Primer (K046)

Rough or Pitted Masonry: Ultra Spec® Masonry Interior/Exterior Hi‐Build Block Filler (K571)

Smooth Poured or Pre‐cast Concrete: Self‐priming

Ferrous Metal (Steel and Iron): Ultra Spec® HP Acrylic Metal Primer (FP04) or Super Spec HP® Alkyd Metal Primer (KP06)

Non‐Ferrous Metal (Galvanized & Aluminum): All new metal surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned with Corotech® Oil & Grease Emulsifier (V600) to remove contaminants. New shiny non‐ferrous metal surfaces that will be subject to abrasion should be dulled with very fine sandpaper or a synthetic steel wool pad to promote adhesion. Ultra Spec® HP Acrylic Metal Primer (FP04)

Repaint, All Substrates: Prime bare areas with the primer recommended above for the substrate.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Benjamin Moore's ben® Paint

Q1. Which surfaces can I apply Benjamin Moore’s ben® paint to?

A1. It is recommended for new or previously painted wallboard, masonry, wallpapered surfaces, primed or previously painted plaster, wood, metal, and new or coated acoustical ceilings.

Q2. What sheens are available for ben® Paint?

A2. ben® paint is available in four sheens, including matte, eggshell, satin/pearl, and semi-gloss finishes.

Q3. Can I order ben® Paint online?

A3. Yes, you can order the paint online from The Paint People, your trusted online destination for Benjamin Moore products.

Q4. What is the recommended brush and roller type for ben® Paint?

A4. Use premium nylon/polyester brushes and microfibre rollers for the best results.

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