Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System, Blue

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Achieve Professional Results with the Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

Looking to elevate your DIY projects or professional painting jobs? The Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System is here to transform the way you paint. With its robust features and cutting-edge design, painting has never been so precise, so professional, so perfect!


Why Choose Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2?

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a professional painter, or simply someone who loves home improvement, the Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System offers an unbeatable combination of versatility and performance that stands out in the market.


Unmatched Power and Efficiency

  • Powerful 1400 watt 2-Stage Motor – Tackle any job with confidence, knowing you have the power needed for higher viscosity finishes.
  • Rugged Metal Turbine Case – Enjoy durability that lasts, whether in the workshop or on the go.

Precision and Versatility

  • Convertible M-Model™ Spray Gun – Choose between a bottom feed or gravity feed cup, adapting seamlessly to the task at hand.
  • Multiple Air Cap Sizes (0.8mm – 2.0mm) – Freedom to work with a variety of materials, from stains to paints, without dilution.

Sustainable Savings

  • Low Overspray – Efficient application means less waste, saving you material and money.
  • 25ft Hi-Flex™ Hose – Reach new heights and angles with ease, ensuring full coverage.

User-Friendly Design

  • Dedicated Fan Pattern Control – Customize your spray pattern with a simple twist, from wide to narrow patterns.
  • Quick-Change Filters – Maintain peak performance with ease and speed.

Reliability and Support

  • 2-Year Warranty – We stand behind our equipment, offering peace of mind with parts and labor coverage.


Who Can Benefit from the Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2?

  • Homeowners wanting to revamp their space
  • DIY enthusiasts looking for professional-grade finishes
  • Professional painters in search of reliable and efficient equipment


Special Features:

Sleek Gun Design

A modern spray gun that not only looks professional but enables effortless switching from bottom to gravity feed for maximum convenience.

Stainless Steel Parts

Nozzle & needle crafted from stainless steel for longevity and reliability.

Handy Gun-Holder

Your spray gun is kept at the ready and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Easy Cleanup

Disassemble without hassle for a swift cleanup, keeping your system at peak performance with minimal effort.


Take Your Painting to the Next Level

Don't settle for second best. The Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System is the smart investment for anyone serious about painting. With professional-grade results, budget-friendly value, and a powerful motor encased in metal, it's clear why this system stands out.

What's Included
  • 2 Stage DIY-PRO™ Series Turbine (5.0 PSI)
  • M-Model™ Bottom Feed Non-Bleed Spray Gun with 1 Qt. Aluminum Pressurized Cup
  • 1.3mm Air Cap Set Installed
  • Rear Situated Fan Pattern Control
  • 25ft Hi-Flex™ Hose
  • Quick Connect Coupling & Air Control Valve
  • Detailed User Manual
  • #4 Ford Viscosity Cup
  • Wrench & Cleaning Brush
  • 2-year warranty on parts and labor

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