Fuji Spray Turbine Wireless Remote Switch, 3072, 120V Only

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Tired of having to walk back and forth to turn off your turbine every time it gets too hot? The Fuji Spray 3072 Turbine Wireless Remote Switch is an essential piece of equipment for any professional painter. Our remote switch makes it a breeze to turn your turbine off without having to break your workflow. Not only is this switch wireless with a range of up to 200ft, it is also incredibly easy to use. Our 120v switch eliminates the hassle of inconvenient trips and saves time by allowing you to operate your turbine at a safe distance. Cutting back on the amount of time it takes to switch your turbine on and off helps guarantee maximum comfort and efficiency. Protect your turbine from potential overheating problems and keep your work running smoothly with the Fuji Spray 3072 Turbine Wireless Remote Switch.

⭐ Extend the lifetime of your Turbine motor
⭐ 200ft range
⭐ Saves time and energy
⭐ Convenience of not having to walk back and forth
⭐ No setup. Just plug it in.
⭐ This device will work from within a frequency range of 60 feet away.
⭐120v only