FLOETROL Paint Conditioner Additive

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FLOETROL is a latex paint additive that makes interior and exterior latex or acrylic paint flow and level like oil-based paints while compensating for the adverse effects that weather and surface conditions have on paints and primers.

⭐ Canadian FLOETROL
⭐ Makes latex paints, primers, stains and textured coatings flow more smoothly
⭐ Improves flow to reduce brush and roller marks
⭐ Lubricates paint to reduce wear and tear on spray guns
⭐ Improves the coverage and will not change the color or sheen of most paints
⭐ Restores luster to faded, weathered fiberglass
⭐ Inhibits rust on metal surfaces
⭐ Extends dry time

Recommended For: Use in interior or exterior latex or water-based paints and primers.

Dry Time: When added to paint, may increase dry time. High humidity or temperatures below 50°F | 10°C may prolong drying and recoating times.

VOC: Does not exceed 50 g/L

Available Sizes: Canada - Quart/946 ml, 1 Gallon/3.78 L, 2 Gallon Value Pack, 4 Gallon Value Pack

Customer Reviews

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Shelley DeWitt (Mossleigh, CA)

I was happy to find this product for a far better price than I’m able to find locally. I use floetrol for acrylic paint pouring and will be purchasing more when I need it. Shipping, delivery were excellent.


Awesome online ordering experience. Quick delivery! Great product.

Hyacinth Walker (Toronto, CA)
Liquid gold.

Fleotrol is equivalent to liquid gold in the paint pouring art world.