Penofin KNOTWOOD Brazilian Rosewood Oil Exterior Stain for Composite Decking 1G (3.78L)

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Simple to use, Knotwood is applied with only one application...Click for more! 

PENOFIN's Knotwood Oil Finish works wonders on virtually all types of composite decking. It gives the consumer a choice of three natural wood deck finish tones. Simple to use. Knotwood deck finish is applied with only one application…It's that easy! The Brazilian Rosewood Oil finish penetrates composite wood, and provides a wonderful way to achieve a great looking deck.

  • 99% ultraviolet protection
  • Three transparent finish tones
  • Adds color to gray composite wood decks
  • Restores finish to faded colored composite wood decks
  • High-grade mildewcide to retard mold
  • Resists dirt and stains

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Thomas Flood

Great store and really fast shipping