Picasso Angled Oval Paint Brush

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Achieve professional-level finishes with the unparalleled precision of the Picasso Angled Oval Paint Brush. Designed for both the discerning homeowner and the expert painter, this brush redefines excellence in painting tools, blending effortless functionality with durable construction.

Revolutionary Filament Blend

The Picasso Angled Oval Paint Brush is fueled by our exclusive Advantage PBT proprietary filament blend. This cutting-edge technology ensures smooth application and a remarkable finish with every stroke. Enjoy the simplicity of painting as the filaments release paint with precision and clean up with ease, preserving the pristine condition of your brush.

No-Drip Internal Construction

Bid farewell to the messiness of drips and unwanted streaks. Featuring a hardline no-drip interior construction, our brush is meticulously designed to keep paint on the walls and off your floors. The innovative interior securely marries the handle to the ferrule, guaranteeing that it remains steadfastly intact without the risk of loosening over time.

Maximized Paint Retention

Thanks to its oval-shaped ferrules, the Picasso Brush holds significantly more paint, diminishing the need for constant reloading. With enhanced paint retention, you can cover larger areas more efficiently or execute intricate trim work with unerring accuracy. It's the ultimate tool for every project, ensuring both speed and precision.

Premium Epoxy Binding

The durability of the Picasso Angled Oval Paint Brush is further fortified with primary epoxy binding. This creates an impenetrable bond between the filaments, ensuring your brush maintains its shape and spring through the rigors of every job. Whether you're tackling a single room or an entire house, this brush is engineered to stand the test of time.

Features At A Glance:

  • Advantage PBT filament blend for superior paint release and easy cleaning
  • No-drip internal construction ensures a clean working environment
  • Permanently affixed ferrule for a lifetime of dependable use
  • Oval ferrules designed for heightened paint capacity
  • Primary epoxy binds filaments for long-lasting shape retention

Perfect for professionals seeking precision and homeowners desiring a smooth, professional finish, the Picasso Paint Brush is the choice of champions. Add it to your toolkit, and watch the transformation unfold – effortlessly and elegantly. Whether you're revamping large spaces or refining minute details, this brush is your gateway to painting perfection.

    Customer Reviews

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    Rob Rumsey (Calgary, CA)
    Best brush for clean cuts

    I was introduced to these brushes from a fellow painter about 2 years ago and haven't stopped using them. They release paint at a perfect rate so your cuts look fantastic. They also keep their shape very well after cleaning. Highly recommend.