Ramuc DS Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint, Matte Finish, 3.79L

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Ramuc DS Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint Matte Finish is a water-based, acrylic coating designed to provide a durable finish for swimming pools. This product offers several advantages over traditional solvent-based paints, including the ability to be applied to damp surfaces and previously painted chlorinated and synthetic rubber surfaces. In addition, use of DS allows the pool to be filled within 3 days after the final application of paint. Acrylic coatings such as DS are used when short down times are critical, making it an ideal solution for swimming pools. This product is also highly color-fast and UV resistant, ensuring a long-lasting finish.

⭐ DURABLE FINISH FOR SWIMMING POOLS - When you want your swimming pool to look its best, Ramuc DS Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint is the solution. This two-coat system provides a durable, long-lasting finish that is resistant to fading and UV damage.

⭐ EASY APPLICATION - The water-based, acrylic formula makes Ramuc DS easy to apply, even to damp surfaces. It dries quickly to provide a smooth, matte finish that is highly color-fast and UV resistant.

⭐ VERSATILE PAINT - Whether you're repainting an existing pool or coating a new surface, Ramuc DS Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint is the perfect choice. It adheres well on chlorinated and synthetic rubber surfaces, allowing you to get the job done quickly and easily.

⭐ FAST DRYING TIME - Using Ramuc DS Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint allows you to fill your pool within 3 days after the final application of paint. This product dries quickly, so you won't have to wait long before you can enjoy your new swimming pool.

⭐ HIGHLY COLOR FAST - The matte finish of Ramuc DS Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint ensures that your swimming pool will retain its color for years to come. UV resistant, this product is designed to resist fading in direct sunlight.


Use no thicker than a 3/8” nap roller used for solvent-based paints. DO NOT use rollers with cardboard cores. Apply at the recommended coverage rate. Ideal air temperatures for application are between 50° and 90° F. Surface temperature should be at least 50° F, no more than 90°F. Overnight drying temperatures MUST be at least 50° F. Do not paint when rain is imminent. Rain or moisture or excessively high humidity can cause blistering, color blushing and the finish could be adversely affected. If rain occurs during the drying process allow an extra day of dry time for each day of rain.

Technical Information 

• VEHICLE TYPE: Acrylic Latex/water-based
• FINISH: Matte
• SOLIDS BY VOLUME: 35 ± 2% (White & pastel colors)
• SOLIDS BY WEIGHT: 54% ± 2% (White & pastel colors)
• COVERAGE: 350 – 400 sq. ft./gal.
• VOC: 250 g/l max (as supplied)
• APPLICATION METHOD: Brush, no thicker than 3/8”
• Mohair or Lambskin roller, Airless or Conventional Spray
• DRY FILM THICKNESS PER COAT: 1.2 mils dry (3.4
• mils wet)
• APPLICATION TEMP: 50° F min/90° F max
• NUMBER OF COATS: 2 (product is self-priming)
• RECOAT TIME: 4 hours
• DRY TIME: Outdoor Pool: 3 days before filling. Indoor
• Pool 7-10 days before filling. Use adequate ventilation.

SPRAY INFORMATION: Airless: 2000-2500 P.S.I. TIP SIZE: .013 - .017 (0.33 – 0.43 mm) Product can be thinned with potable water if necessary.

Compatibility: For compatibility purposes, the existing paint on previously painted surfaces of a pool should be determined before painting. Use dark colors for accent painting only. Dark colors can prematurely fade or blister, especially in chemically treated water.

Ramuc DS Acrylic Pool Paint Product Brochure

Customer Reviews

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Robert Menton
Ramuc DS acrylic pool paint

2 gallons of royal blue arrived promptly. Only a few days after ordering. Putting this paint on a concrete pool previously painted with a few coats of an oil based paint so I prepped by wirebrushing , sanding , washing , and cleaning with Ramuc clean & prep solution. Paint went on easy with brush And roller and seems to have adhered well but it’s only been a week so time will tell but good so far. Colour works for me but is a little on the Bold side . Clean up with warm water was very easy. Outdoor pool , so good ventilation; but hardly noticed any smell at all. Good coverage. Very happy with product so far.


Delivered quickly and exactly as ordered. Thank you.