Ultra Flat Premium Zero VOC Waterborne Ceiling Paint, K508

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Looking for a beautiful, easy-to-apply ceiling paint? Look no further than Waterborne Ceiling Paint K508! This high-quality paint provides a uniform, flat finish that tones down glare and maximizes diffused light. It's also self-priming over drywall, making it the perfect choice for any ceiling painting project. So why wait? Order your can of Waterborne Ceiling Paint K508 today!

 FLAT FINISH - With its low sheen and ultra flat finish, this ceiling paint is perfect for minimizing glare and maximizing diffused light.

 EASY TO APPLY - This ceiling paint goes on smoothly and evenly, providing a beautiful, professional finish.

 HIGH HIDING - Waterborne Ceiling Paint K508 covers quickly and completely, hiding any previous paint jobs or stains.

 RESISTS SPATTERING - This ceiling paint is designed to resist spattering, making it easier and less messy to apply.

 SELF-PRIMING - K508 is self-priming over drywall, eliminating the need for a primer coat.