FLOOD/PPG Pack of 2 FLD6 Floetrol Paint Conditioner Additive - 2 Gallons

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FLOETROL is a latex paint additive that makes interior and exterior latex or acrylic paint flow and level like oil-based paints while compensating for the adverse effects that weather and surface conditions have on paints and primers.

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⭐ Canadian FLOETROL
⭐ Makes latex paints, primers, stains and textured coatings flow more smoothly
⭐ Improves flow to reduce brush and roller marks
⭐ Lubricates paint to reduce wear and tear on spray guns
⭐ Improves the coverage and will not change the color or sheen of most paints
⭐ Restores luster to faded, weathered fiberglass
⭐ Inhibits rust on metal surfaces
⭐ Extends dry time

Recommended For: Use in interior or exterior latex or water-based paints and primers.

Dry Time: When added to paint, may increase dry time. High humidity or temperatures below 50°F | 10°C may prolong drying and recoating times.

VOC: Does not exceed 50 g/L

Available Sizes: Canada - Quart/946 ml, 1 Gallon/3.78 L, 2 Gallon Value Pack4 Gallon Value Pack