Radius 360 Dust-Free Sanding System

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The Radius 360° FlexAir dust-free sanding system is a revolutionary tool that combines the best features of air and electric powered tools. The patented, unique pivot joint allows you to get into places that are difficult or impossible with other sanders. The lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around workpieces and the 98% dustless operation means less mess for you. It uses the same 8.75" Level360 sanding discs as the Radius360, so you can use your existing discs on this new tool!

⭐ Patented Pivot Joint
⭐ Lightweight, Under 2 lbs. With Pole
⭐ 98% Dustless
⭐ Uses Same 8.75 Center hub quickly converts tool to hand sander or pole sander

What's Included

1ea - Complete Radius360 Air Dustless Sanding Tool
1ea - Flex Air Dustless Sanding Tool
1ea - 2-piece Pole Assembly, 24" each
1ea - 12' Hose Assembly
1ea - 2' Whip-End Hose Assembly with Damper Control, and assorted fittings for pole and vacuum connections.