Andreae AF113 Standard Exhaust Filter 39"x30'

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Andreae Original Exhaust Filter - The Trusted Choice for Paint Booth Filtration

Since over 50 years now, the Andreae Original has been the reference filter on the market. It remains the most universal and common filter in use. Andrea Original exhaust filters is made with 2 layers of heavy “kraft” paper, punched, pleated and glued together with 2 built-in extension limiters. Thanks to these limiters, the maximum load capacity is guaranteed. The Original is the filter for all paint types.

Andreae accordion-style exhaust filters are the standard when it comes to accordion-style filters.  Utilizing a convenient, expandable cardboard design, these filters offer an excellent solution for paint booth exhaust filtration.

Unmatched Universal Filtration Power

For more than 50 years, discerning professionals have relied on the Andreae Original Exhaust Filter, renowned as the benchmark among accordion-style spray booth filters. Engineered to cater to a wide range of painting applications, the Andreae Original represents the epitome of quality and versatility in the arena of exhaust filtration.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Constructed with durability and performance in mind, each filter features dual layers of high-grade ‘kraft’ paper. These robust sheets are intricately punched and folded into precise pleats and then securely glued together. This meticulous construction ensures that the filter remains steadfast and efficient throughout its lifespan.

Built for Optimal Load Handling

Equipped with innovative built-in extension limiters, the Andreae Original guarantees exceptional load capacity. This means painters can confidently tackle project after project, knowing that filter performance will remain consistent, with the pleated design accommodating an impressive volume of paint over-spray.

Efficient, Space-Saving Design

The accordion-style format of the Andreae Original is not just about effective filtration—this clever design also offers remarkable convenience and storage efficiency. When expanded, the filter stretches to 39 inches by 30 feet, yet its compact construction allows for easy handling and storage when not in use.

Simple Installation, Superior Filtration

Installation of the Andreae Original is a straightforward process that users can execute with ease. Once in place, the simple yet powerful cardboard composition of the filter comes into play, capturing paint particles effectively and ensuring a clean and safe environment in any spray booth setup.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 39"x30'
Material: Heavy “kraft” paper, dual-layered
Design: Pleated with built-in extension limiters
Usage: Suitable for all paint types
Transform your painting process today with the Andreae Original Exhaust Filter and join countless professionals who trust this flagship product to deliver unparalleled results in their spray booths. Shop now and experience filtration excellence that stands the test of time.


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