Andreae AF813 Standard Exhaust Filter 36"x30'

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Andreae AF813 Original Exhaust Filter - The Trusted Choice for Paint Booth Filtration

Andreae accordion-style filters are the standard when it comes to accordion-style filters.  Utilizing a convenient, expandable cardboard design, these filters offer an excellent solution for paint booth exhaust filtration.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Constructed with durability and performance in mind, each filter features dual layers of high-grade ‘kraft’ paper. These robust sheets are intricately punched and folded into precise pleats and then securely glued together. This meticulous construction ensures that the filter remains steadfast and efficient throughout its lifespan.

Simple Installation, Superior Filtration

Installation of the Andreae Original is a straightforward process that users can execute with ease. Once in place, the simple yet powerful cardboard composition of the filter comes into play, capturing paint particles effectively and ensuring a clean and safe environment in any spray booth setup.

  • Accordion-style expandable design that is easy to store
  • Simple, but effective cardboard filtration
  • 36"x30'

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    Technical Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 36"x30'
    • Material: Heavy “kraft” paper, dual-layered
    • Design: Pleated with built-in extension limiters
    • Usage: Suitable for all paint types