AURA® Waterborne Interior Paint

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Introducing the Benjamin Moore AURA® Waterborne Interior Paint & Primer, a scuff-resistant coating that's redefining interior painting. Dive into unparalleled color depth and richness that only AURA® waterborne can offer. With superior coverage that's built to last, this Benjamin Moore Aura waterborne interior paint is a testament to innovation. Our unique Colour Lock® Technology ensures long-lasting vibrancy, while the extreme hide feature guarantees a flawless finish across all shades. Whether it's the bathroom's moisture or the hallway's hustle and bustle, AURA®'s mildew and scuff-resistant properties make it the go-to choice!


Unparalleled Colour Depth: Experience the richness only Benjamin Moore Aura waterborne can deliver.
Colour Lock® Technology: Ensuring your chosen Benjamin Moore Aura waterborne interior paint shade remains vibrant.
Extreme Hide: Achieve perfection with every Benjamin Moore™ Aura waterborne interior paint shade.
Self-Priming: Most surfaces need just one coat.
Mildew Resistant: Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.
Scuff Resistant: Ideal for high-traffic areas, from hallways to playrooms.
100% Acrylic Latex: The Benjamin Moore Aura waterborne promise of quality.
Paint and Primer in One: Simplifying your painting journey.

Available In: Matte, (F522), Eggshell (F524), Satin (F526), Semi-Gloss (F528)

Why Choose Benjamin Moore Aura Waterborne Interior Paint?

Proprietary Colour Lock® Technology: Dive into richer, deeper paint colors that stay true.
The Gennex Advantage: Our proprietary Gennex zero-VOC colorant system reduces odor and fortifies for lasting durability.
Save Time: Quick recoat times and self-priming features mean faster transformations.
Use Less Paint: Efficient coverage means fewer coats and more savings.

Eco-Friendly Promise:

Zero VOCs: Aura waterborne stands out with no Volatile Organic Compounds.
Zero Odour: Experience the visual appeal without the typical paint smell.

Discover the Best Shades:
From neutral bestsellers like 'White Dove' to vibrant favorites like 'Palladian Blue', AURA® offers a spectrum of shades for every taste.

Ready to elevate your interiors with Benjamin Moore™ AURA® Waterborne Interior Paint's unmatched brilliance? Buy Now.