Corona Cortez Professional Paint Brush

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Introducing the Corona Cortez Tynex & Orel Professional Paint Brush, a Masterpiece Tool Tailored to Perfection for Discerning Painters who Demand Exceptional Performance from their Brushes. 


⭐ Dupont Tynex Nylon in the top edge of the Corona Cortez for durability.
⭐ Orel Polyester in the bottom of the Corona Cortez for stiffness retention and extra flex.
⭐ Deep flagg tips created in-house to resemble those of natural China bristles for super smooth paint finishing.
⭐ The Corona Cortez has a hand formed chisel which provides extra sharp, accurate cutting-in and preserves the smooth flagg tips.
⭐ Great for interior and exterior painting projects

    Crafted with care and expertise, the Corona Cortez professional paint brush stands out in a sea of painting tools with its unique blend of solid, round, tapered Dupont, Tynex, Nylon, and Orel Polyester filaments - the ideal combination for superior paint application in both oil and latex paints on indoor or outdoor surfaces, no matter the season.

    The innovation is evident from the ground up with the Corona Cortez top-edge Dupont Tynex Nylon for unmatched durability, transitioning to Orel Polyester in the bottom for stiffness retention and elasticity. This thoughtful construction ensures the Cortez paint brush remains intact and performs brilliantly, project after project. Devised in-house, the deep flagg tips mimic the finesse of natural China bristles, delivering a smoothly finished coat every time, a hallmark of professional quality.

    Not just your everyday tool, the Corona Cortez professional paint brush comes with a hand-formed chisel, specially designed for sharp, precise cutting-in, preserving the elegance of your work. The Cortez's angular shape not only makes quick work of edges and corners but also fits comfortably in the hand, thanks to the lacquered hardwood handle. Protected by a stainless steel ferrule, the brush promises to be by your side for years to come, immune to the usual corrosion that plagues lesser tools.

    For those who see painting as an art form, the Corona Cortez Dupont Tynex Nylon & Orel Polyester Professional Paint Brush offers much more than just a stroke of color. It's your companion in creating breathtaking, seamless finishes that speak volumes about your skill and dedication. Whether you're a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, elevate your craft with the Corona Cortez that is designed to be your trusty partner on every canvass, wall, and surface.