Fuji Spray G-XPC T-Model HVLP Turbine Side Mounted Spray Gun, with 1.4mm Air Cap

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The G-XPC™ T-Model HVLP Turbine Side Mounted Spray Gun is an innovative tool designed to take the hassle out of painting. Its side-mounted gravity cup allows the user to spray in any direction, even upwards, giving control and accuracy. It comes equipped with a high-efficiency 1.4mm air cap set, which is ideal for achieving a fine finish with lacquers, polyurethanes, latex, and water-based coatings. Its side-mounted fan pattern control allows you to adjust the fan size as needed.

The G-XPC™ T-Model Spray Gun is a must-have tool for the professional painter. Whether you’re looking to get an even finish on bathtub refinishing projects or are looking for a tool that helps you make precisely detailed designs for cabinets, furniture, and automotive, the G-XPC™ is up to the task. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, it has become a favorite of professional painters. Invest in the G-XPC™ T-Model Spray Gun and you’ll have the confidence that the job is getting done right.

*Optional cups are available in 3oz, 400cc, and 600cc (Nylon)

⭐ 1.4mm air cap set installed
⭐ Swivel N’ Set™ cup feature - allows the user to spray at any angle easily 
⭐ Side-Mounted Fan Pattern Control
⭐ Stay Cool Handle™ nylon-coated handle always stays cool and provides a comfortable grip
⭐ Air cap sizes available (in mm): 0.7; 1.0; 1.4; 1.8; 2.2 
⭐ Stainless steel nozzle & needle - ideal for waterborne & solvent-based coatings