Graco 3 ft Pole Gun with Cleanshot and Contractor In-Line Valve, 287023

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Looking to extend your reach without relying on ladders or scaffolding? Then check out the Graco 3 foot Pole Gun. This innovative tool helps you spray more efficiently, giving you a greater range without all the hassle. So whether you're trying to reach those hard-to-get-at places or simply want to make your job easier, the Graco 3 foot Pole Gun is perfect for you.

⭐ Heavy-duty extensions are ideal for high-pressure spraying or pressure roller applications.
⭐ Airless Tip Extensions can be attached directly to an airless gun making them ideal for spraying ceilings, overhangs, and decks.
⭐ CleanShot Valve can be attached directly to any extension and provides a clean fluid shutoff at the tip – no spitting.