Graco PowerFill 3.5 XL Pro Series Cordless Loading Pump 26B419

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Work Faster, Smarter, and with Greater Precision introducing the Graco PowerFill 3.5 XL Pro Series Cordless Loading Pump 26B419

The industry’s first cordless powered loading pump for drywall mud. Designed to fill all automatic taping and finishing tools. PowerFill totally eliminates the need to manually pump. Now you can quickly fill with just the push of a button.

Never Hand Pump Again. Single-button pumping eliminates fatigue and injury associated with manual pumping. Pumps up to 3.5 gpm for lightning-fast filling and up to 55 gallons on a single battery charge for all-day filling. Programmable to refill tools automatically with Precision Fill.

The Graco PowerFill 3.5 XL Pro Series is for the large residential & commercial contractor who is working on medium to large jobs, needs features & wants to increase productivity.

Unparalleled Efficiency for Drywall Finishing

Every construction job demands efficiency, precision, and reliability, and the Graco PowerFill 3.5 XL Pro Series Cordless Loading Pump 26B419 is engineered to deliver just that. Say goodbye to hours of manual labor and welcome a new age of drywall finishing with our state-of-the-art cordless loading pump.

Designed for Construction Professionals, drywallers, tapers, and industrial maintenance personnel who refuse to compromise on quality.


Key Features

  • Adjustable for Multiple Projects: Fits 5 to 30 Gallon buckets, catering to various job sizes.
  • Hi-Rise Fill Tube: Increases productivity by minimizing fatigue and simplifying work in confined spaces.
  • SmartControl Pro with Programmable Precision Fill: Delivers precise filling to meet your specific needs while boosting your productivity.
  • Continuous Run Mode: Simplifies bulk transfer and cleaning operations, saving time and effort.
  • Standard Series Advantages: Includes all the essentials such as SmartControl™, PowerStroke Pump, ProConnect, Horizontal Box Filler, and more.


The Power of Mobility

With the included DEWALT 20V Lithium Ion Battery and Charger, experience the freedom to move around the job site without being tethered to an outlet. The Graco PowerFill 3.5 XL ensures that you're ready to tackle tasks with full charge and vigor.


Built to Last

Known for industry-leading durability, our 4X life PowerStroke Pump technology is evidence that Graco tools are built to handle daily demands, ensuring that you finish both residential and commercial projects with efficiency and speed.


Our Commitment to You

For professionals who need to increase productivity and demand everyday reliability—the Graco PowerFill 3.5 XL Pro Series Cordless Loading Pump 26B419 is your go-to solution.

Are you ready to take your finishing tasks to the next level?

Discover the difference. Upgrade your tool arsenal and Get the Graco PowerFill 3.5 XL Today.

Keep ahead of deadlines and enjoy top-tier performance with Graco.


SmartControl with variable speed motor control
PowerStroke Pump with 4X life
Horizontal Box Filler
DEWALT 20V Lithium Ion Battery and Charger
Adjustable Bucket Stabilizer

Hi-Rise Fill Tube

  • Eliminates fatigue and injury associated with bending
  • Rotates to position where you need it — perfect for tight areas such as scissor lifts and positioning outlet over the bucket
  • One button pumping totally eliminates fatigue and injury
  • Automatic Precision-Fill Technology allows automatic refill of tools to your preset level
  • Hands-free Continuous Run mode is perfect for transferring large quantities of material or self-cleaning

SmartControl Pro with Programmable Precision Fill

  • Automatically fills tools to your preset level for increased productivity
  • Continuous run mode for bulk transfer and easier hands-free cleaning
  • Allows standing upright while filling tools — protecting your back while eliminating fatigue
  • Tube rotates to position the outlet where you want — including above bucket to save space and contain drips
  • Includes filler attachments for angle and flat boxes

Variable Pump Speed

  • ProControl Flow Adjustment lets you work at any speed
  • Adjustable fill speed – fast or slow, you decide

Powerstroke Pump

  • 4X life vs manual pumps
  • Up to 3.5 gpm for the fastest tool fills
  • The most durable loading pump available – virtually maintenance free
  • Tool-less pump cylinder, inlet and filter removal for quick access and cleaning

ProConnect Pump and Removable Powerhead

  • No-tools pump and powerhead removal
  • Allows removal of powerhead for storage
  • Tear-down the pump in seconds for easy cleaning

Powered by DEWALT®

  • Compatible with any 20V MAX Lithium-Ion DEWALT battery
  • Pumps up to 55 gallon per charge for all-day use

Adjustable Bucket Stabilizer

  • No-Tools adjustable to fit most buckets and containers
  • Oversized foot bracket and stabilizer arm keeps pump in place on bucket
  • Converts to right or left sided pump outlet in minutes

Customer Reviews

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Anatoly N. (Nanaimo, CA)
Graco PowerFill 3.5 XL Pro Series Cordless Loading Pump

Great tool!
Smart control features. Allows automatic refill tools to your preset level. Take a rest while filling tools. Save my body. So happy to have one!