Graco ProSurface 40” Smoothing Blade 18C688

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Graco’s ProSurface Professional Smoothing Blade 40 inch 18C688 includes Bi-Flex Blade Technology for a superior finish & even blade wear with less fatigue on every job.

⭐Bi-Flex Blade Technology
  • Keeps the material on the work surface and off the blade – minimizing waste and cleaning
  • Rounded edges for perfect smoothing – without build-up
⭐Precision INOX Stainless Steel Blade
  • Delivers the smoothest finish – virtually eliminating sanding
  • Flexes to provide more pressure and finishing area
  • Up to 10X more contact area with the surface
⭐Precise Fulcrum Point
  • Designed into the handle grip area
⭐Ergonomic Design
  • Requires less effort than standard knives for less fatigue and greater productivity
⭐Composite Blade Handles
  • Light weight composite for all-day comfort
  • Delivers a lighter and warmer experience than other heavy/cold metal designs
  • Contractor-Preferred