Graco ProSurface Drywall Tool Kit 18C676

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Experience the most comfortable way to finish drywall jobs yourself! Less fatigue, Less waste!

The Graco ProSurface Drywall Tool Kit 18C676 is designed for drywall and plaster finishing, which delivers a fast, glass-like finish with minimal material waste or sanding


⭐Bi-Flex Blade Technology keeps the material on the work surface, and off the blade — minimizing waste and cleaning

⭐Precision INOX stainless steel blade delivers the smoothest finish — significantly reducing sanding

⭐Ergonomic design requires less effort than standard knives resulting in less fatigue and greater productivity

⭐Contractor-preferred composite blade handles are lighter and more comfortable alternative metal designs

What's Included

  • 10 in, 14 in, 18 in, & 24 in Blade
  • 4 in & 6 in Joint Knives
  • 20-40 in Extension Pole
  • Carrying Case

Multiple Sizes and Extendable Extension Pole

  • Finish every surface - no matter how big or small

Durable Hard Plastic Cas

  • Easy transport and protection of tools