Graco RLP Fine Finish Low Pressure RAC X Reversible Tip with RAC X Guard, Combo

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The RAC X HandTite Tip Guard helps to eliminate paint build-up, dripping and spitting. It also helps to provide safer spraying at higher pressures. Its finger grip design makes it easy to attach or remove without the need for tools. For use with all RAC X SwitchTips.

Spray at up to 50% lower pressure with the Reverse-A-Clean Low Pressure (LP) RAC X SwitchTip.

  • Featuring the patented Graco RAC X Tip with SmartTip Technology
  • Delivers the industry's best finish at the lowest airless spray pressure
  • Up to 2X Life
  • Sprays at up to 50% Lower Pressure. Less overspray & Easiest pattern overlap
  • Tip & Guard Combo Includes FFLP516 RAC X Tip, RAC X Guard, & Fine Finish One Seal