Graco Ultra 490 XT Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

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Meet the Graco Ultra 490 XT Electric Airless Paint Sprayer—Your Ultimate Partner for Flawless Finishes and Unparalleled Productivity.

Designed with cutting-edge technology, the Graco Ultra 490 XT paint sprayer is engineered to tackle your toughest jobs with ease and efficiency. Whether you're a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, the Ultra 490 XT promises to elevate your spraying experience to the next level.

Key Features of the Graco Ultra 490 XT:

Xtreme Torque Motor Technology

  • Unmatched Power and Performance: With 15X more torque than traditional motors and 8X more magnets, the Ultra 490 XT delivers exceptional power and performance.
  • Extended Motor Life: Runs at 90% lower speeds, significantly extending the motor's lifespan.
  • Quieter Operation: Up to 10X quieter, making your work environment more pleasant.

Rapid-Response Pressure Control

  • Instant Quality: Instantly adjusts to deliver the best finish quality across its full tip size range.
  • Versatile Pressure Range: Boasts the industry's largest operating pressure range (50-3,300 psi), ensuring you have the right pressure for any job.

Selectable Performance Modes

  • Boost Efficiency: Two selectable spray modes offer unique performance levels, enhancing efficiency on every job.
  • Xtreme Control: Low Pressure Mode (50 - 2,000 psi) for precision work.
  • High Pressure Performance: High Pressure Mode (500 – 3,300 psi) for when you need powerful performance.

Endurance Vortex Piston Pump with ProConnect

  • Longevity: The endurance vortex rod lasts 3X longer than the closest competitor.
  • Quick Service: The ProConnect Pump Removal system allows for fast, on-the-job service, minimizing downtime.

TurboClean Cleaning System

  • Fast and Efficient: Industry’s fastest pump cleaning system delivers 3X faster cleaning with half the water, saving you valuable time.

WatchDog Pump Protection

  • Preventative: Prevents damage by shutting off the pump when it’s time to refill, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Durable Filtration

  • Easy Maintenance: The Easy Out Filter provides easy maintenance with less clogging, keeping your sprayer in top condition.

Easy Transport

  • Lightweight: Weighing only 31 lbs, the Ultra 490 XT is easy to transport, making it perfect for job sites and projects of all sizes.

Why Choose the Graco Ultra 490 XT?

Increased Productivity: The high torque motor and rapid response pressure control ensure you get more work done in a day with higher flow rates and production speeds.

Enhanced Reliability: With features like the durable filtration system and WatchDog Pump Protection, you can count on the Ultra 490 XT to perform consistently.

Cost Savings: The efficient TurboClean system and long-lasting components mean less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Versatility: The selectable performance modes and broad pressure range make this sprayer adaptable to any task, from delicate finishes to heavy-duty coatings.

User-Friendly: Lightweight design and easy-to-read LED display make the Ultra 490 XT accessible and convenient to use, even for extended periods.

Have Questions? Check our FAQ section or contact us for more information about the Graco Ultra 490 XT.

Inside The Box:

1 - Graco Ultra 490 XT Paint Sprayer
1 - Contractor PC Gun
1 - RAC X LP Spray Tip 517
1 - RAC X Guard

Warranty Information:

30-Day Replacement Guarantee:

We stand firmly behind the quality of our Graco Ultra 490 XT. Ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority. With our exclusive "30 Day Just Add Paint Replacement Guarantee," you're secured:

      1. Exchange your Graco Ultra 490 XT for an identical model, no questions asked.
      2. Or, Trade-up to a more advanced Graco model by covering the difference.


      1. Guarantee claim valid up to 30 days from purchase.
      2. Return the sprayer to Graco within 30 days from the claim date.
      3. Return freight charges apply.
      4. Certain models, including handheld plug-in (AC) and products with a 1-year warranty, are excluded (except for battery-operated handheld sprayers).


      • 3-Year Warranty, Lifetime Electric Motor, Lifetime Drive Train.

Technical Specifications:

Title Specs

Model Number:

19D519 (Stand), 19D521 Hi-Boy

Gun(s) Included:



Contractor PC Gun, RAC X LP 517 SwitchTip, 1/4" x 50 ft Blue MaxII Hose, RAC X Guard

Frame Configuration:

Stand, Hi-Boy

Compatible Replacement Pump:  


Repair Kit:


Maximum Tip Size (in):


Overall Height (in):

Overall Length (in):

Overall Width (in):

Weight (lbs):

31 (Stand)


Airless Sprayer

Power Source:


More Information:

Comprehensive Warranty: 3-Year Warranty, Lifetime Electric Motor, Lifetime Drive Train.

Peace of Mind: Benefit from our 30-Day Replacement Guarantee* and 10-Day Best Price Guarantee*

Secure Delivery: A signature is required upon delivery*

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  • Returns accepted within 35 days from the date of delivery.
  • Please note: Used spray equipment is not eligible for return and is covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Graco offers over 600 locations to administer warranty repairs.
  • A+ Grade: These items are “like new” and come with full manufacturer’s warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Graco Ultra 490 XT

Q1. What types of projects is the Graco Ultra 490 XT suitable for?

A1. The Ultra 490 XT is versatile and can handle a wide range of projects, from residential interiors to large commercial jobs. Its adjustable pressure settings make it suitable for both delicate finishes and heavy-duty applications.

Q2. How does the TurboClean Cleaning System work?

A2. The TurboClean Cleaning System allows for rapid cleaning of the pump, using up to half the water and completing the process three times faster than conventional methods. This saves time and reduces water usage.

Q3. Can I use the Ultra 490 XT for high-viscosity materials?

A3. Yes, the Ultra 490 XT's powerful motor and wide pressure range make it capable of handling high-viscosity materials, ensuring smooth and even application.

Q4. How often should I perform maintenance on the Ultra 490 XT?

A4. Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. The Easy Out Filter system simplifies maintenance, and the ProConnect Pump Removal feature allows for quick on-the-job servicing. Refer to the user manual for specific maintenance intervals.

Q5. What is included in the Ultra 490 XT package?

A5. The Ultra 490 XT package includes the sprayer unit, Contractor PC Gun, RAC X LP 517 SwitchTip, and hose, providing everything you need to start your painting projects immediately.

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