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Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

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Your Painting Projects Deserve the Best with the Graco Ultra 490 PC PRO - Don’t Settle for Less!

Step up your painting game with the Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro. Revered by both professionals and DIY aficionados, this top-tier Graco paint sprayer promises precision, power, and unparalleled performance.

Why The Graco 490 PC Pro Stands Out?

Swift Efficiency: Our unique ProConnect system ensures you’re always ready. Pump replacements have never been faster, boosting your productivity to new heights.

Unrivalled Power: Experience the magic of the MaxPower Motor. Compact yet powerful, it ensures you never miss a beat, even with challenging voltage fluctuations. A promise of endurance and performance, every time.

Crystal Clear Precision: From light stains to robust latex paints, every spray is a masterpiece. Our Endurance Pump and Advantage Drive are not just features – they’re your partners in delivering unmatched precision.

Intuitive Usage: We believe in making things easier for you. The FastFlush cleaning system and Smart Control 2.5 digital display ensure a hassle-free experience, every step of the way.

Peace of Mind - Guaranteed: Concerned about your investment? Rest easy with our 30-Day Just Add Paint Replacement Guarantee. It’s not just a product; it’s a promise of excellence.

Value-Added Features:

Easy Transport: Only 34 lbs (Stand model). Kickstand for easy one-person bucket changes (Hi-Boy only).

Advantaage Drive: Hardened steel gears provide extremly quiet operation and a lifetime warranty.

SmartControl with Digital Display: Even pressure delivery on every job. Constantly monitors performance and adjusts motor speed to match your tip size and spraying needs.

Can Spray a Varierty of Material: Lacquers, stains, interior latex, exterior latex, enamels, acryics,oil based primers.

1 - Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Paint Sprayer: The ideal step-up for the professional contractor looking for superior performance and features in a small electric sprayer.
1 - Contractor PC Spray Gun: For professional paint spraying.
1 - RAC X LP 517 Spray Tip: Perfect for a variety of painting projects.
1 - RAC X Guard: Eliminates paint build-up, dripping and spitting.
1 - 1/4" x 50 ft BlueMax II Airless Hose: Long, flexible, and designed for high-performance.
1 - TSL 4oz: Keeps your sprayer in top condition.

We stand firmly behind the quality of our Graco Ultra Max II PC Pro. Ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority. With our exclusive "30 Day Just Add Paint Replacement Guarantee," you're secured:

      1. Exchange your Graco Ultra Max II for an identical model, no questions asked.
      2. Or, Trade-up to a more advanced Graco model by covering the difference.


      1. Guarantee claim valid up to 30 days from purchase.
      2. Return the sprayer to Graco within 30 days from the claim date.
      3. Return freight charges apply.
      4. Certain models, including handheld plug-in (AC) and products with a 1-year warranty, are excluded (except for battery-operated handheld sprayers).

ProConnect: On-the-job pump replacement in a minute. Maximize productivity in 3 effortless steps.

MaxPower Motor: Compact, potent, with a brushless design for lasting performance. The assurance of undeterred functioning even amidst voltage fluctuations.

Endurance Pump: Outperforms competitors. Boasts of V-Max Blue packings, Chromex rod, and a robust stainless-steel cylinder.

Easy Out Pump Filter: Say goodbye to messy spills. Efficient inside-out filtering with a sizable 7.8-square-inch area.

Advantage Drive: Silent operations with slow pump stroking courtesy of hardened steel gears.

FastFlush: Cut down on cleaning time with our rapid, high-flow system.

Smart Control 2.5: A digital display offering insights on pressure, usage metrics, diagnostics, and more – a tool for optimal maintenance and fleet management.

Title Specs

Model Number:

17E852 (Stand), 17E854 (Hi-Boy)

Gun(s) Included:



Contractor PC Gun, RAC X LP 517 Spray Tip, RAC X Guard, 1/4 in x 50 ft BlueMax II Airless Hose, TSL 4 oz

Frame Configuration:

Stand or Hi-Boy

Compatible Replacement Pump:  


Maximum Sound Pressure Level (dBA):


Maximum Tip Size (in):


Overall Height (in):


Overall Length (in):


Overall Width (in):


Weight (lbs):



Airless Sprayer

Power Source:

Electric, Corded

Comprehensive Warranty: Enjoy a 3-Year Warranty, coupled with a Lifetime Electric Motor and Drive Train warranty.

Peace of Mind: Benefit from our 30-Day Replacement Guarantee* and 10-Day Best Price Guarantee*.

Secure Delivery: A signature is required upon delivery.

More Information: Refer to the Graco CED Warranty.

Graco 490 PC Features 17E852

Frequently Asked Questions:
Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro

1. What makes the Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro stand out from other paint sprayers on the market?

The Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro combines cutting-edge features like the ProConnect pump replacement system, the powerful MaxPower Motor, and the Endurance Pump, offering a blend of efficiency and performance that's unparalleled in its category.

2. How does the ProConnect feature enhance the on-job experience?

ProConnect is designed for on-the-spot pump replacements. With its intuitive design, users can swap out the pump in just one minute, reducing downtime and ensuring you stay on schedule.

3.Is the Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional painters?

Absolutely! Its combination of advanced features with user-friendly controls makes it the ideal choice for both DIY enthusiasts looking for professional-grade results and seasoned pros seeking efficiency and reliability.

4. With the MaxPower Motor, can I expect consistent performance in varying power conditions?

Yes. The MaxPower Motor's brushless design not only ensures you never need to replace brushes but also offers consistency, even in the face of challenging voltage fluctuations. Its fan-cooled and enclosed structure also protects it from dirt, dust, and overspray.

5. How does the Easy Out Pump Filter benefit my painting process?

The innovative design of the Easy Out Pump Filter offers inside-out filtering, which minimizes spills and ensures a larger filtering area. This means fewer tip clogs, smoother paint flow, and less maintenance.

6. What kind of materials can I use with the Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro?

The sprayer is versatile and compatible with a range of materials including Acrylics, Enamel, Lacquer, Latex, Stains, and Primer, catering to a broad spectrum of painting needs.

7. What is the "30 Day Just Add Paint Replacement Guarantee"?

Our "30 Day Just Add Paint Replacement Guarantee" ensures that if you're not completely satisfied with the Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC, you can either exchange it for an identical model or upgrade to a larger Graco sprayer by paying the difference within 30 days of purchase.

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