INSL-X Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer by Benjamin Moore, SXA-110, White

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Experience the unmatched adhesion of INSL-X Stix Bonding Primer, a premium offering by Benjamin Moore. This waterborne acrylic urethane primer/sealer is renowned for its unparalleled bonding capabilities, especially on challenging surfaces like PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, and even painted surfaces. Whether you're dealing with shiny tiles, siding, fiberglass, or metal, the INSL-X Primer ensures a firm grip.

Why Choose INSL-X Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer?

Versatility: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. It's a primer that's compatible with a range of coatings, from Alkyd and Acrylic Latex to Urethane, Epoxy, and Lacquer finishes.
Ease of Use: With its smooth leveling properties, you're guaranteed a flawless finish every time. And when you're done? A simple soap and water clean-up is all you need.
Performance: Once cured, it forms an exceptionally hard film, ensuring excellent enamel holdout. It's ideal for plaster, drywall, wood, and even in low-temperature environments.
Quick Drying: Ready for a re-coat in just 3-4 hours.

Key Features:

⭐ Superior adhesion, even on glossy surfaces
⭐ Cures efficiently at temperatures as low as 35F (1.7C)
⭐ Exceptional enamel holdout for a lasting finish
⭐ Soap & water clean-up
⭐ Suitable for both interior and exterior use
Special Offer: Enjoy free shipping on INSL-X Stix Primer orders in Canada and the US. Elevate your painting projects with the best in the business. Make the switch to INSL-X Stix today!

Cover Stubborn Surfaces, Faster


Two containers of insl-x stix waterborne bonding primer

"This product is new to me. I discovered it when undertaking a floor painting project. It is so easy to use, excellent coverage in preparation to stencil my floor. I would definitely purchase it again. Covered my brown tiles very well!"

Nancy M.

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