INSL X Sure Step Anti-Slip Paint

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Sure Footing with INSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Paint

Ensure every step on your property is safe and secure with INSL-X Sure Step paint—the ultimate solution for a slip-free environment. Ideal for homes, businesses, and any areas requiring extra protection against slip and fall accidents.

Take the Right Step with Sure Step

Do you worry about the safety of your steps, patios, or pool decks? INSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Paint not only reduces the risk of slips but also enhances the appearance of your walking surfaces with exceptional color retention and durability.

Targeted Protection Where It Counts

  • Tennis courts
  • Patios and walkways
  • Steps and stairs
  • Pool decks
  • Any high foot-traffic areas

Fast Drying, Easy to Apply, Hard to Beat

With Sure Step Anti-Slip Paint, you don't need to wait for days to use your spaces. Thanks to our water-reduced formula, we promise a rapid dry time and a hassle-free application process, making refreshing your property a breeze.

Say goodbye to extensive downtime and hello to rapid, reliable safety improvements. Whether you're a homeowner looking to secure your deck or a safety manager responsible for maintaining standards, INSL-X Sure Step is the prudent choice.

Invest in Safety, Invest in Sure Step

Don't compromise when it comes to the well-being of your family or staff. A simple application of INSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Paint can safeguard against potential accidents and ensure that every area of your property is as secure as it is stylish.

INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint Features:

Skid Resistance: Strong grip, even in wet conditions, to ensure safety

Long-Lasting Color: With excellent color retention, your space stays vibrant.

Abrasion Resistant: Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain its finish.

Waterproof: Resists ponding water, preventing deterioration and slips.

Easy Application: Fast-drying formula that reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance.

Have Questions? Check our FAQ section or contact us for more information about INSL-X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint.

INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint Spec Chart:

Title Specs

Installation Temperature:

12.8° C (55° F) min /
32° C (90° F) max

Number of Coats Required:


Recoat Time:

8 hours

Full Cure:

Light Foot Traffic: 24 hours

Heavy Foot Traffic: 4-5 days


80-120 sq. ft./gal.


<250 g/L

Vehicle Type:

Acrylic Copolymer

Dry Film Thickness/Coat:

7.4 mils dry (19.5 mils wet)


11.6 lbs/gal



Solids (% by Volume):

38 ± 1%

Colors Available:

Tintable White, Grey Pearl, Light Grey, Tile Red, Pine Green, Desert Sand, Saddle Brown



Clean Up:

Clean tools and equipment immediately with soap and warm water.

INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint Application Guide:


Sure Step® Anti-Slip Coating provides a durable skid resistant finish for interior or exterior application. Imparts excellent colour retention, abrasion resistance and resistance to ponding water. Sure Step® is water reduced which allows for fast dry plus easy application and clean up. Available in 6 ready mixed colours and
white. Sure Step® can be exposed to light foot traffic 24 hours after application of the final coat. Allow 4-5 days for heavier or continuous foot traffic. Sure Step® coating is formulated to have high slip resistance for areas that require extra skid resistance.


Sure Step® may be easily applied by roller, brush or squeegee. Stir contents thoroughly to assure even dispersion of pigment. Apply product at a rate of 7.4 – 11.2 sq. m. per 3.79 L (80 to 120 square feet per gallon). May be recoated in 8 hours under good drying conditions. Two coats of Sure Step™ are required for proper performance. Do not apply if rain is threatening. Apply when surface and ambient temperature are above 12.8 °C (55 °F) and below 32.2 °C (90 °F).
Avoid paint application outside when weather conditions are threatening, and late in the afternoon when there is a threat of moisture condensing on wet paint. Do not paint if surface temperature is within 5 degrees of the dew point.

Surface Preparation:

CONCRETE: UNCOATED CONCRETE: All fully cured and uncoated concrete must be clean, dry and free of oil, grease, dirt, curing compounds or other foreign matter that could interfere with penetration and adhesion. Grease, release agents and dirt can be removed by scrubbing the surfacewith an Oil and Grease Emulsifier. Rinse well with clean water. To neutralize uncoated concrete, etch the surface with a concrete etcher. Follow all label instructions carefully. A properly etched concrete surface should exhibit the texture of fine sandpaper.

PREVIOUSLY COATED CONCRETE: Remove all oil, grease, dirt or other foreign matter by scrubbing the surface with an Oil and Grease Emulsifier. Rinse well with clean water and allow it to dry. Remove loose, flaking paint by scraping or power washing. Glossy surfaces must be dulled by sanding.

ASPHALT: UNCOATED ASPHALT: Newly laid asphalt surfaces should be allowed to cure 45 to 60 days before coating. This curing time frame is necessary for all the solvents in the asphalt to evaporate. The surface must be free of dirt, loose gravel, oil or other foreign matter that could be detrimental to coating adhesion. Any oil or grease spots must be treated with an Oil and Grease Emulsifier. Best results for general preparation will be obtained by power washing; however, conscientious sweeping and water hose rinsing may suffice. Sure Step® is self-priming on bare asphalt.

PREVIOUSLY COATED ASPHALT: All dirt, dust, mildew, loose gravel and flaking paint should be removed by power washing. Any oil or grease spots must be treated with an Oil and Grease Emulsifier. Repairs should be made to cracked, crumbling or delaminating asphalt surfaces.

WOOD: UNCOATED WOOD: Remove all dirt, dust, mildew or loose wood fibers by power washing. Allow surface to dry thoroughly. Prime uncoated wood with an oil based primer. Prime uncoated plywood with an acrylic water based primer.

PREVIOUSLY COATED WOOD: Remove all dirt, dust, chalk, mildew or flaking paint by power washing. An alternate method is to scrape, wire brush, wash the surface with a solution of one part bleach* to three parts water, then rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow it to dry. *Follow bleach manufacturer’s instructions for safe handling and use of bleach solution.

FERROUS METAL: UNCOATED METAL: Surface must be clean, dry and free of form oils, rust and mill scale. Any oily residue must be removed by solvent washing. Rust and mill scale must be removed by aggregate blasting or conscientious power hand tool cleaning. Prime uncoated metal with Corotech® V110 Acrylic Metal Primer.

PREVIOUSLY COATED METAL: Surface must be clean, dry and free of dirt, dust, chalk, rust, mill scale and flaking paint. Commercial blast cleaning SSPC-SP 6 or power tool method SSPC-SP 2 are acceptable. Any tight adhering paint, with a gloss or semi-gloss sheen, must be dulled by sanding. Spot prime bare areas.

Frequently Asked Questions:
INSL X Sure Step

1. What are the key features of INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint?

INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint is engineered to provide exceptional traction on various surfaces, enhancing safety in both residential and commercial spaces. Its unique formulation offers durable, textured protection against slips and falls, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

2. How does INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint differ from other anti-slip coatings?

INSL X Sure Step sets itself apart with its advanced technology, ensuring long-lasting performance and superior adhesion compared to traditional anti-slip coatings. Whether applied on concrete, wood, or metal surfaces, Sure Step Anti Slip Paint delivers reliable traction and durability.

3. Can Sure Step Anti Slip Paint by INSL X be used indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely! Sure Step Anti Slip Paint is versatile and suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces indoors and outdoors. Whether you're coating pool decks, garage floors, or staircases, INSL X Sure Step provides effective anti-slip protection wherever it's needed.

4. Is INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint environmentally friendly?

Yes, INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint is formulated with environmental responsibility in mind. It contains low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and meets stringent environmental standards, ensuring minimal impact on indoor and outdoor air quality.

5. How long does it take for Sure Step Anti Slip Paint by INSL X to dry?

The drying time for INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint depends on various factors such as temperature, humidity, and application thickness. Generally, it dries to the touch within 2-4 hours and can be recoated after 24 hours for optimal results.

6. What color options are available for INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Paint?

INSL X offers a diverse range of colors to suit different preferences and project requirements. Whether you prefer classic neutrals or vibrant shades, Sure Step Anti Slip Paint provides options to enhance both safety and aesthetics. Custom color matching services are also available to achieve your desired look.

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ELAINE CURRIE (Williams Lake, CA)
This paint met my needs.

Used the paint to redo an old tennis court surface. The colour pine green is perfect and the texture is non slip as well as easy to apply.