Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint

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Give Your Pool a Durable New Look with Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint. The Ultimate Protection for Pools & Spas!

Ramuc Epoxy Pool Paint is a premium coating designed for swimming pools. Get long-lasting protection and a fresh new look for your pool. The premium epoxy formulation provides a thin yet durable coating that seals the surface, preventing deterioration from chemicals and wear. Your pool will maintain its vibrant, glossy finish year after year.

Where your pool's beauty meets unmatched durability. Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint is crafted for pool owners, property managers, and maintenance professionals who refuse to compromise on quality. With its high gloss finish, superior stain and chemical resistance, and a record of more than 50 years of excellence, Ramuc EP epoxy pool paint is the trusted choice for creating an oasis that lasts.

Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint Feautres:

High-Gloss Shine: A lustrous finish that reflects the care you put into your pool.

Extensive Coverage Rates: Ensures you get the most out of every gallon.

A Legacy of Performance: With over half a century of expertise, trust Ramuc EP Epoxy to deliver results.

Stain & Chemical Resistant: Keeps your pool pristine even against the toughest challenges.

Fill Time: For indoor pools, a 10-day fill time is recommended, while outdoor pools require 5 dry days before filling.

Coverage: Ramuc EP offers excellent coverage, with up to 450 sq. ft. per kit on recoats, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Have Questions? Check our FAQ section or contact us for more information about this product.

Why Choose Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint?

Superior Durability: Our epoxy cures to a hard, tough, and abrasion-resistant finish, enduring the test of time.

Long-Lasting Beauty: Up to 5 years of high-quality service life means your pool stays looking fresh, year after year.

Comprehensive Coverage: Excellent for bare surfaces or pools previously painted with epoxy. Easily coats concrete, fiberglass, and plaster.

Versatile Use: Perfect for pools, waterpark facilities, slides, koi ponds, spas, hot tubs, and fountains.

Eco-Friendly: Compliant with VOC regulations in the US and Canada, safeguarding the environment and your health.

Wondering where to buy Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint? Look no further. We guarantee a genuine Ramuc product, ensuring you only get the best!

Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint Spec Chart:

Title Specs

Installation Temperature:

10° C (50° F) min /
29° C (85° F) max

Number of Coats Required:

2 (self priming)

Recoat Time:

16-72 hours. After 72 hours,must sand with 80-100 grit sandpaper before applying 2 nd coat.

Full Cure:

Outdoor Pool:
5-7 days before filling.

Indoor Pool:
10-14 days before filling.


175-200 sq. ft./gal. kit on bare, sandblasted or rough surfaces.

400-450 sq. ft./gal kit on recoats and fiberglass


340 g/L max


Epoxy Polyamide

Dry Film Thickness/Coat:

Min 1.7 mils (2.9 mils
wet), Max 2 mils (3.3 mils wet)




Solids (% by Volume):

60% ± 3%

Colors Available:

Dawn Blue, Dark Blue, Aquagreen, White, Black, Royal Blue, Beach Beige, Monument Grey


High Gloss

Ramuc Pool Paint EP Application Guide:


Ramuc EP Epoxy™ cures to a hard, tough durable finish, providing stain, chemical, and abrasion resistance for protection of concrete, plaster, and fiberglass swimming pools and spas or slides. EP Epoxy cures to a high-gloss finish with excellent coverage rates, especially on previously painted epoxy surfaces. Ramuc EP Epoxy has been a proven performer for more than 50 years and is also recommended for koi ponds and fountains. Because of their chemical cure, epoxies are the paints of choice for indoor pools. All epoxy films will chalk (break down from the UV rays of the sun and water chemistry) over a period of time. This is a natural degradation or “cleansing” of the top surface of the epoxy film. For compatibility purposes, the existing paint on previously painted surfaces of a pool or spa should be determined before painting. Aged plaster should be checked for integrity. Check for hollow or weak/crumbling plaster by using a ballpeen hammer or any other comparable method. Perform repairs to the plaster before painting.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Cleaning Products:
    • Ramuc Clean and Prep Solution™. An environmentally safe product that cleans, etches and neutralizes in lieu of the three-step process and a 3500psi power washer.
  2. Condensation Test Materials:
    • Several 2’x2’ square pieces of transparent plastic
    • Painter’s tape
  3. Abrasion Supplies to Create Medium Grade Sandpaper Finish:
    #80 grit sandpaper, power sander, sanding blocks, wire brush
    • Mohair or lambskin roller used for solvent based paints (no thicker than
    • Paint brush for detailing
    • 5-gallon bucket for boxing (intermixing) paint
    • Mechanical mixer; a paddle attachment for a power drill
    • Ramuc Thinner for thinning paint if airless spraying and/or cleaning-up
    tools and spills
  4. Joint or Crack Filler:
    • Hydraulic cement or Vulkem 116 polyurethane sealant. Do not use silicone-based products as paint adhesion will be adversely affected. Vulkem 116 must be top coated before being submerged in chemically treated water.


• 175-200 square feet per gallon kit on bare, sandblasted, or rough surfaces.
• 400-450 square feet per gallon kit on recoats.
(Actual coverage will vary and is dependent upon the texture and profile of the
• Minimum dry film per coat: 1.7 mils dry (2.9 mils wet)
• Maximum dry film per coat: 2.0 mils dry (5.7 mils wet)
• Pot life – use life: 8 hours (@ 70°F and 50% relative humidity)
• Clean-up: Ramuc Thinner
• Finish: High Gloss

Surface Preparation:

Plaster or concrete surfaces should be tested for integrity and soundness. Ramuc coatings are not a repair for weak surfaces. Any minor repairs, such as patching with hydraulic cement or filling of cracks, should be done and allowed to cure prior to surface prep. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Previously painted epoxy or bare fiberglass surfaces need to be abraded to a #80 grit profile. Power wash the surface to remove loose paint and dirt. Care needs to be taken when recoating epoxy surfaces to remove all tightly adhering residual chalk.

Prepare the surface thoroughly with Ramuc Clean and Prep Solution following the directions carefully. If the surface is exceptionally hard, we recommend sanding with a 60-80 grit sandpaper to create surface profile prior to applying the first coat of EP Epoxy.

CONDENSATION TEST – After all cleaning is completed, allow the pool surface to dry. Average drying times vary regionally and are dependent upon the porosity of the surface. It is recommended to wait 5 dry sunny days before performing a condensation test.
• Tape 2’x2’ pieces of transparent plastic to areas in the deep end wall, floor and several other areas of the pool.
• Wait about 4 hours to determine if condensation is formed underneath the plastic.
• If condensation is evident, the surface is NOT dry enough to paint.
• Remove the plastic and wait 24 hours to perform the test again. Repeat as needed until no condensation forms. This will ensure the surface is dry enough to apply paint.


Ramuc EP Epoxy pool paint is self-priming; no other type of primer is recommended or needed.
a. Mechanically mix Part A for approximately 5 minutes.
b. Mechanically mix Part B for approximately 5 minutes.
c. Mechanically mix both Part A & Part B together for approximately 15 minutes.

Allow the admixed paint to set for 20-45 minutes (induction time) prior to use at70°F and 50% relative humidity. At 65°F, the induction time is 45 minutes. Lower temperatures and higher humidity will affect the final cure of the coating. If mixing more than one kit at a time, intermix the kits to ensure color uniformity. Ramuc EP Epoxy has a pot life (USE LIFE) of 8 hours.


Using no thicker than a 3/8’ nap mohair or lambskin roller, apply the recommended coverage rate. Ideal air and surface temperatures for application are between 50° - 90°F. Overnight curing temperatures must be at least 50°F or the paint will not cure correctly, causing an “oily” feel to the top of the paint.

Do NOT paint if rain is imminent. Use dark colors for accent paint ONLY.

Cure Rates:

Outdoor pool: 5-7 dry days
Indoor pool: 10-14 days with adequate ventilation
If rain occurs during the curing process, allow an extra day of dry time for each day of rain. Rain or moisture can cause blistering, color blushing, and the finish could be affected.

Dry time to touch: 6-8 hours

To recoat: 16-72 hours. If second coat is applied beyond 72 hours, the first coat must be abraded/sanded prior to applying second coat.

All Ramuc pool paints are self-priming. No primer required.


Determine compatibility of existing paint on previously painted surfaces of a pool before painting. Use dark colors for accent painting only, as they may prematurely fade or blister, especially in chemically treated water.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint

1. What surfaces can Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint protect?

Ramuc EP Epoxy provides stain, chemical, and abrasion resistance for the protection of concrete, plaster, and fiberglass surfaces.

2. What is the finish of Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint?

Ramuc EP cures to a hard, tough, and durable finish, offering high gloss and long-lasting protection for swimming pools.

3. Can this paint be used for both indoor and outdoor pools?

Yes, Ramuc EP epoxy pool paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools, with recommended fill times of 10 days for indoor pools and 5 dry days for outdoor pools.

4. What is the coverage of Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint?

Ramuc EP offers excellent coverage, with up to 450 sq. ft. per gallon on recoats, providing cost-effective protection for pool surfaces.

5. Is Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint available in different colors?

Yes, Ramuc EP is available in various colors, such as white and dawn blue, offering options to suit different aesthetic preferences.

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Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint

Customer Reviews

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Bonnie Brady (Thorold, CA)
Only store to carry...thank goodness they did

Had to drive from Niagara to mississauga to purchase this product as it was no where to be found. Ordered on line they sent a confirmation of pick up within 2 hrs. THANK YOU

Marc Gagnon (Laval, CA)
Great Pool Paint

Excellent Professional Service

CD (Acton, CA)
Difficult to use

To open the cans is time consuming with those plastic rims, supposedly to keep the cans secure and air tight. But…I found more than two inch of thick film at the bottom of the epoxy can which could not be mixed properly. So, I was not able to use all of the product as a result not finishing all of the steps of the pool.

Hi there! We understand you're seeking some clear guidance on applying the pool coating. Here's a straightforward step-by-step process to make things easier:

1. Remove the plastic ring safely using pliers – it should come off without much effort.
2. For a smooth blend, stir Part A mechanically for about 5 minutes.
3. Repeat the same mechanical mixing process with Part B, also for approximately 5 minutes.
4. Now mix Part A and Part B together mechanically for roughly 15 minutes to ensure a uniform consistency. It’s important not to mix them with a stir stick as it can lead to an uneven result.

After mixing:

1. Allow the mixture to sit for 60 minutes if the temperature is between 10° to 18°C (50° to 65°F). If the temperature is above 18°C (65°F), 30
minutes should suffice. This waiting period allows for the proper chemical reaction to take place for a durable finish.
2. Note that using the mix too soon after blending, or filling the pool prematurely, may result in yellowing or loss of the coating's shine.
3. Working on a larger scale? When using multiple gallon kits, combine them in a larger container – a 5-gallon pail usually works well for this.

We hope this renders the application process clear and manageable. Our goal is for your pool to look its very best with minimal hassle. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact customer support. We're here to help!