Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint - The Paint People
Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint - The Paint People


Ramuc EP Epoxy Pool Paint High-Gloss Finish 3.79L

EP Epoxy cures to a hard, tough, durable finish, providing stain, chemical and abrasion resistance for protection of concrete, plaster and fiberglass swimming pools, spas and slides. EP Epoxy cures to a high gloss-finish with excellent coverage rates, especially on previously painted epoxy surfaces. EP Epoxy has been a proven performer for more than 50 years. Because of their chemical cure, epoxies are the paints of choice for indoor pools.

175-200 sq. ft/gal. kit on bare, sandblasted or rough surfaces.
400-450 sq. ft./gal kit on recoats


• High solids, high gloss epoxy pool paint • For bare concrete, fiberglass, plaster and previously painted epoxy • 3 to 5 years service life • Great for Koi ponds, hot tubs, spas and fountains • VOC compliant in US and Canada.

Technical Specs

Application: Roller/Brush/Spray.
Mixing: Mechanically mix.
Coverage: Up to 450 sq. ft./gallon on recoats.
Fill Time-Indoor: 10 days.
Fill Time-Outdoor: 5 dry days.
Clean-up: Ramuc Thinner.
Eight-hour "pot life" when component A and B are mixed together.