TIMBERMATE® Water-Based Wood Filler

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Looking for a wood filler that's perfect for both professionals and DIYers? Look no further than TIMBERMATE® Water-Based Wood Filler. This incredible product is great for filling in cracks and holes in wood surfaces, and it doesn't shrink, sink, crack, or fall out. Plus, it has an indefinite shelf life! The secret ingredient is tap water, so it's non-toxic and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. Our formula is over 85 years old and counting, so you know it's a reliable product you can trust. Plus, it comes in 13 premixed colors plus a Natural Tint Base, so you're sure to find the perfect match for your project. Whether you're tackling a small repair job or a big DIY project, TIMBERMATE Water-Based Wood Filler is up for the task!

 Features & Benefits of TIMBERMATE®

⭐ No Waste, Usable to the last drop. If tub dries out just add water to soften.
⭐ Won’t Shrink, Sink, Crack or Fall Out.
⭐ Suitable for use in all Timbers including Particle Board M.D.F. (Custom Wood) *Plaster Board, Flooring, paneling etc.
⭐ Can be used as Wood Putty, Sanding Sealer, Prime Coat, Grain filler, Crack filler, Undercoat & Edge Filler all in one.
⭐ Available in 13 Timber Tones plus Natural. Use White for topcoats only.
⭐ Can be tinted in wet state or overstained when dry. Use any type of Colorant i.e., Water Based Spirit based ochers etc.
⭐ Easy sanding, will not clog paper when DRY Sanded dust can be mixed with water for re-use.
⭐ Fast drying approx. 20-30 min, but can be heat dried with a heat gun or lamp for faster drying. Temperature can affect drying time.
⭐ Clean hands or tools with water.
⭐ Non Flammable, Non Toxic, Non Yellowing.
⭐ Solvent, Latex and Acrylic Free.
⭐ Heat Proof and Freezeproof.
⭐ Provides a strong foundation for all top coats inc. Single & two pack products polyurethane’s, oils, acrylics, French polish wax etc.
⭐ Takes nails, screws, planing, sawing, drilling and routing
⭐ Can be used on Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass and in Foundries.
⭐ 100% Australian Made and Owned.
⭐ Interior Grade.

Customer Reviews

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Andre Kuchta (Mirabel, CA)

I'm using this product in wood carving , for reparing small parts , it is easy to use sands very fine and carving is still possible after. I have choosen the natural tint because it matches exactly bass wood. Bravo and thank you for fast shipping.