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The Titan SprayRoller and Spray Guide Kit is the perfect tool for professional painting contractors. With its innovative design, it allows one person to do the work of two employees, reducing overspray and decreasing prep work time. The finish is consistent and even on textured surfaces, and it gives a roller finish that is easier to touch-up. It attaches to the Titan SprayGuide™ swivel for use with all airless sprayers, and it can be used with any standard 9" roller cover.

⭐ Designed to spray and back roll in one motion with only one person doing the work of two employees
⭐ Reduces overspray decreasing Prep work
⭐ Professional finish from a new/novice applicator
⭐ Provides consistent mil thickness on textured surfaces
⭐ Gives a roller finish, easier to touch-up
⭐ Modular design
⭐ Attaches to the Titan SprayGuide™ swivel
⭐ Uses any standard 9" roller cover
⭐ Designed to be used with all airless sprayers and extension poles