Wooster Sherlock Pole Maintenance Kit

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Looking for a simple and cost-effective way to maintain your Sherlock poles? The Wooster Sherlock Pole Maintenance Kit is the perfect solution. Designed specifically for Sherlock GT and Sherlock poles, this kit ensures you have all the essential parts for quick and easy repairs.

Why You'll Love This Maintenance Kit?

✔️ Economical: Save money by repairing rather than replacing your poles.

✔️ Convenient: Everything you need is included, making field repairs quick and hassle-free.

✔️ Comprehensive: No need to buy parts separately. This kit has it all in one package.

What's Inside the Box?

  • 1 Tip: Replace your old, worn-out tip with this high-quality Sherlock tip.
  • 2 Screws: Secure the new tip firmly in place.
  • 1 Lever: Swap out your lever to keep your pole functioning smoothly.
  • 1 Pin: Essential for maintaining the pole's structural integrity.
  • 3 Additional Screws: Extra screws to have on hand for any other necessary repairs.

The Wooster FR950 Sherlock Pole Maintenance 8pc Kit comes in a handy clamshell package, perfect for easy storage and display on a peg hook. Don't let a worn-out pole slow you down. Get your maintenance kit today and keep your projects rolling smoothly!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is included in the Wooster FR950 Sherlock Pole Maintenance 8pc Kit?

The kit includes 1 Tip, 2 Screws for the tip, 1 Lever, 1 Pin, 3 Additional Screws

This comprehensive set has everything you need for maintaining and repairing your Sherlock GT and Sherlock poles.

2. Is this kit compatible with all Sherlock poles?

Yes, the Wooster FR950 Sherlock Pole Maintenance Kit is specifically designed for use with all Sherlock GT and Sherlock poles, ensuring a perfect fit and easy maintenance.

3. How easy is it to replace the parts included in the kit?

The kit is designed for convenient field repairs, meaning that with basic tools, you can quickly and easily replace the parts yourself. The included screws and parts fit perfectly with Sherlock poles, making the process straightforward.

4. Do I need to purchase any additional parts or tools to use this kit?

The only additional items you might need are basic tools like a screwdriver to replace the parts. The FR060 screws required for the tip are sold separately, but all other necessary parts are included in the kit.

5. How does using this kit save me money?

Instead of buying a new pole when parts wear out, you can simply replace the specific parts that need maintenance. This economical approach extends the life of your Sherlock poles, saving you money on replacements and ensuring your tools are always in top condition.

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