Corona Liberty All American Paint Brush 28545

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Made in American with American components. These brushes contain a unique tri-filament blend consisting of Chinex®, Tynex®, and Orel® filaments.

Chinex tapered synthetic filament to maximize the benefits of superior paint release and cleanup of this unique material. Tynex Nylon and Orel Polyester tapered paint brush filaments to bring professional painters superior paint application, in oil or latex paints, interior or exterior, winter-spring-summer-or-fall.

  • Angular Sash
  • Hand formed chisel
  • Unlacquered hardwood sash handle
  • American Stainless steel ferrule
  • Bristles
    • 2" is 9/16" Thick with 2 11/16" Trim Length
    • 2.5" is 5/8" Thick with 2 15/16" Trim Length