Fuji Spray Hi-Flex™ 25 Foot Turbine Air Hose, 7049, Blue

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The Fuji Spray 25-foot Turbine Hi-Flex™ Air Hose 7049 is designed to be used with Mini-Mite and Q-series turbines. This updated hose has a flexible design which makes maneuvering the spray gun and connecting it to the Turbine a breeze. Fuji Spray Hi-Flex Hose is not only flexible even during extreme temperatures, but also highly durable over the years. Additionally, the hose comes with a Brass Quick Connect and the all-important Air Control Valve, allowing you to adjust the airflow to every spraying job accordingly. Make the switch and step up your painting game with the Fuji Spray 25-foot Turbine Air Hose 7049 today!

⭐ 25ft Blue Hi-Flex™ Hose
⭐ Includes 2046 Brass Quick-Connect Coupling
⭐ Includes 2032 Air Control Valve
⭐ Package Weight: 7.15 pounds
⭐ This hose is also available in Black #9049