Penofin Exotic Brazilian Rosewood Oil Hardwood Exterior Stain, For Decks & Furniture

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Penofin Exotic Brazilian Rosewood Oil Hardwood Exterior Stain is here to revolutionize the way we protect and maintain our wood surfaces. Our unique, ground breaking formula penetrates much deeper than traditional stains and will not create a surface film - delivering superior results, every time.

This revolutionary hardwood stain uses sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil, making it especially suitable for working with exotic hardwoods such as mahogany, teak, Ipe and Brazillian Redwood, which need stabilizing and nourishing. For those looking for fiber protection, penetration and nourishing that only Penofin Penetrating Oil Finish can provide - this is the right product for you!

DIY painters and decking contractors rejoice: you can now rest assured your beautiful wood surfaces will be well protected from the elements with Penofin Exotic Brazilian Rosewood Oil Hardwood Exterior Stain! Achieve sophisticated, long-lasting color with a perfect finish - no matter which type of wood you use. Trust in Penofin's superior quality when it comes to maintaining your stunning outdoor hardwoods today.

⭐ WANT TO PROTECT & NOURISH YOUR HARDWOOD? - Penofin's Hardwood wood stain is the unique formula you need. It penetrates deep into the wood fibers, stabilizing and nourishing them for a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

⭐ DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH OTHER STAINS - High-solid wood stains simply coat the surface, but Penofin's Hardwood Finish using sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil is the choice of wood experts. It allows wood to breathe, important in working with exotic hardwoods such as mahogany, teak, Ipe, Brazillian Redwood, and many other species.

⭐ LOOKS GOOD LONGER - With ultraviolet & mildew protection, your hardwood will look great season after season.

✔️ Wood stain especially formulated to penetrate dense hardwoods
✔️ Added ultraviolet protection
✔️ Transparent natural tone allows the beauty of wood to be seen
✔️ Used on some of the largest theme park boardwalks in the world
✔️ Advanced mildew protection
✔️ Not a surface film that will crack, bubble, or peel

Technical Data


Coverage depends on application method, texture, and moisture content of wood. Coverage is less on rough surfaces, more on smooth surfaces. Average coverage is 175-300 sq. ft. per gallon.


  • When you use Penofin, maintenance is a snap. Because Penofin is a low-solid product, there is no stripping or sanding necessary. Simply wash the surface with water and a mild detergent. Allow your wood surface to dry completely, approximately 48 hours before application.
  • Follow the application methods listed on the previous page for a fresh and beautiful wood surface.


  • Penofin is an oil-based product. Clean brushes and other application materials with mineral spirits or paint thinner.
  • AVOID SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION of oily rags. Soak all used cloths in a covered metal bucket of water, ensuring the cloths are completely covered with water. Cover until they can be properly disposed at your local hazardous materials drop-off.

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