Ramuc Pool Paint Clean & Prep Solution - 1 Gal - 9306000001

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Clean and Prep Solution is used to clean and degrease while simultaneously dissolving mineral deposits, and increasing porosity for good adhesion on surfaces prior to painting. Can be used on painted surfaces, bare plaster, concrete or fiberglass. VOC compliant, odor and fume free, water-rinse neutralize and it is biodegradable. Safe to use near plants or grass. Excellent for filter element cleaning.

1 gallon prepares approximately 400 sq. ft. of bare concrete, marcite, gunite and plaster surface or 600 to 800 sq. ft. of bare fiberglass and painted surface.

  • For proper adhesion prior to painting
  • Concentrated: Makes up to four gallons
  • Safe and easy to use; no avid vapors
  • Replaces TSP/acid etch

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James Salisbury

Ramuc Pool Paint Clean & Prep Solution - 1 gal - 930600001