INSL-X Rubber Based Swimming Pool Paint - RP Satin Finish 3.79L


A rubber based coating for new or old concrete pools. This product complies with current volatile organic compound emission (VOC) standards. It provides a durable low sheen finish for use in residential and commercial pools. Suitable for use in fresh or salt water and acceptable for use in chlorinated pools. Resists fading, abrasion and alkalis

Recommended For: Pools or fountains. Rubber Based Pool Paint is designed for use on concrete, Marcite, and Gunnite surfaces. The integrity of the Marcite or Gunnite must be sound and solid. Do not use in hot tubs and spas due to high water temperatures. We do not recommend painting stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, fibreglass, steel or vinyl lined pools with this product. DO NOT APPLY OVER A PREVIOUS EPOXY OR ACRYLIC POOL PAINT!

Coverage: 400-500 sq. ft/3.79L

Colours — Standard: RP2710 White, RP2720 Black, RP2719 Aquamarine, RP2723 Ocean Blue, RP2724 Royal Blue

  • OTC-compliant, solvent-based pool paint
  • For residential or commercial pools
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • For use over existing chlorinated rubber or synthetic rubber-based pool paints
  • Ideal for bare concrete, marcite, gunite, and other masonry
  • For use in fresh, salt water, or chlorinated pools
Colour Card & Supporting Documents
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