Portable Jobsite Spray Booth

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Introducing the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth from The Paintline, your ultimate companion for indoor spray painting projects. Ideal for both professionals and hobbyists, this portable spray booth delivers top-notch efficiency and keeps your space spotless, no matter where your projects take you. It's all about mobility and convenience, ensuring you're always set up and ready to paint in no time. Ready to upgrade your painting experience with our portable paint booth? Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Using The Paintline Portable Paint Booth

  • See Every Detail: Thanks to the clear walls, natural light floods in, so you can spot even the tiniest imperfections in your paint job. No more second guessing your work!
  • Set Up in No Time: Who has time to waste? Pop up our booth in just 15 minutes and get right to painting. It's that easy.
  • Take It Anywhere: It's all packed in one lightweight bag. Whether you’re moving from one job to another or storing it away, it’s hassle-free.
  • Stay Clean and Safe: Say goodbye to messy cleanups. Our booth’s liners keep your space spotless and your focus on crafting—not cleaning.

Why The Paintline  Portable Spray Booth Stands Out?

✅Trust in Total Protection: With our booth's disposable 5-sided liner, you're fully covered—literally. Keep your space spotless and your work sharp, no matter how messy the job gets.

✅See Your Work in a New Light: Our clear liners are like windows that brighten your work area. You won't miss a single detail, so every stroke is perfect.

✅Built to Last: We've built this booth with high-quality aluminum that can handle the bumps and knocks of any jobsite. It's tough—just like you.

✅Setup? Super Simple: Forget about fumbling with tools. Our booth pops up ready in 15 minutes, so you can start painting sooner.

✅Move It as You Need It: It's your work, take it anywhere. Our booth folds down into a compact bag that's a cinch to carry to your next job.


  • Dimensions: 2m x 2m x 2m (80” x 80” x 80”)
  • Material: High-quality aluminum and clear plastic
  • Assembly: Tool-free setup and disassembly

Ideal For:

Painters, woodworkers, and DIY enthusiasts who value precision and cleanliness in their indoor projects using a spray paint booth.

Ready to Transform Your Painting Experience?

Imagine tackling every project with more precision, cleanliness, and ease. Now make that a reality. Click on the Buy Now button to grab your Portable Jobsite Spray Booth and start your next project with confidence. Your masterpiece is just a setup away!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth ideal for indoor use?

The booth is designed with clear plastic liners that enhance ambient lighting, ensuring you can see details clearly without additional lighting. Its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for any indoor environment, including workshops and garages.

2. How quickly can I set up the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth?

You can set up the spray booth in about 15 minutes without needing any tools. This quick assembly is perfect for professionals who need to move efficiently from one job to another.

3. Can the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth be used for projects other than painting?

Absolutely! While primarily designed for painting, our booth is versatile enough for any project that requires a clean, contained space, such as spraying small items or applying finishes to crafts.

4. Is the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth easy to transport?

Yes, the booth packs into a single 45-pound bag, making it extremely portable and easy to carry. This feature is ideal for professionals who work at multiple sites and need a reliable solution on the go.

5. How does the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth enhance project cleanliness?

The booth’s disposable 5-sided liner protects your environment from overspray, keeping your workspace clean and reducing cleanup time significantly.

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