Osmo Top Oil 3056 Clear 500ml

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Osmo TopOil is a microporous natural hardwax-oil wood finish which is extremely tough and hardwearing. It is water repellent and dirt resistant. Clear or transparent oil-wax combination for treating furniture and kitchen worktops made of wood. Microporous surface does not crack, peel, flake or blister. Resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk and water according to DIN 68861-1A (German industrial norm) – no water spots. When dry, finish is safe for humans, animals and plants and is suitable for children‘s toys as per EN 71.3 (European norm).


⭐Osmo Top Oil is a special oil and wax combination, used as a treatment on wooden kitchen work top surfaces and general interior joinery

⭐Made on a base of natural plant oils and waxes. The surface will be protected against common household substances such as wine, beer, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water

⭐When dry, the finish is safe for humans, animals and plants and is suitable for childrens’ toys as per EN 71.3 (European norm) and fast to perspiration and saliva

⭐Oils like the TopOil 3056 clear emphasise the natural colour of the wood (wet-look effect).

⭐To achieve exactly these goals, Osmo as a pioneer in the field developed its micro-porous, natural oil and wax-based finishes in Germany over 40 years ago.