Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel

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Revive Your Wood to Its Natural Glory with OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel

Transform your weathered deck and exterior wood to its original beauty with our specially formulated OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel. Designed for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who take pride in their outdoor spaces, this powerful solution breathes new life into greyed and aged wood surfaces.

Bring Back the Warmth and Beauty of Your Wood

OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel is not just another deck cleaner; it's a powerful restorative agent that reverses the effects of time and elements with ease. Perfect for decks, fences, and other outdoor wood structures, our Power Gel offers a simple, quick solution to getting your wood back to its pristine state.

Here's How OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel Stands Out:

Rediscover the spirit of your wood. Order OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel today and witness the transformation for yourself!

Non-Drop Gel Formula: Specifically crafted to cling to vertical surfaces, ensuring thorough application and optimal cleaning.

Fast-Acting Results: Spend less time waiting and more time enjoying. See the impressive effects in just 30 minutes.

Deep Cleaning Action: Our Power Gel penetrates deep into the wood fibres to remove the greyed patina caused by sun exposure and weathering.

Effortless Use: Simply wet the wood surface, apply the gel, wait, and scrub away years of dirt with water

Natural Restoration: It doesn't just clean; it rejuvenates, restoring the wood's natural colour and characteristic appearance.

Safe and Sustainable: With an odourless and biodegradable formula, it's harmless to your family's health and kind to the environment.

Have Questions? Contact us for more information about OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel.

OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel Spec Chart:

Title Specs

Installation Temperature:

C (41° F) min /
35° C (95° F) max

Number of Coats Required:


Dry Time:

30 mins

Full Cure:


320 sq. ft./L.


500ml, 2.5L

Reccomend Use:

Exterior wood surfaces

Made in Germany:

Conforms to strict DIN and EN norms

OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel Application Guide:


OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel is a Jelly-like special cleaner for refreshing greyed exterior
wood. OSMO Wood Reviver Power-Gel is a non-drip product, and thus it is easy to apply – especially on vertical surfaces. The gel penetrates the wood deeply and removes grey patina. Afterwards by re-applying oils, the fresh warm colour tone of the wood is restored.

Recommended Use:

Osmo Wood Reviver Power-Gel is highly recommended for wooden decking, timber cladding, garden furniture and similar surfaces.


1 litre covers approx. 110 ft² (10 m²) with one coat. Product coverage depends significantly on the character of the wood. All information refers to smooth and planed/cut surfaces. Other surfaces may lead to reduced coverage.

Directions for Use:

Apply the gel generously along the wood grain. After approx. 20 minutes clean with a hard brush and rinse with a lot of water. After approx. 48 hours drying time, protect the now
newly refreshed wood with a wood finish (e.g. Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain, Decking-Oils, Country Colour). For mechanical processing on decking, we recommend using Osmo Decking and Flooring Cleaner.

Dry Time:

Approx. 24-48 hours (normal climatic conditions, 23 °C/ 50 % rel. humidity). Lower temperatures and/or higher air humidity can increase the drying time. Allow for good
ventilation while drying.


Osmo Wood Reviver Power-Gel contains biodegradable oxalic acid (< 5 %). This product is free of solvents, formaldehyde, chlorine compounds and amines.

Experience Wood Renewal Like Never Before:

Take the hard work out of reviving your exterior wood structures. Whether you're preparing for a backyard barbecue or looking to maintain the longevity of your wood, the OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel is your go-to solution.

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OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel

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