Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label Oil Finish

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Experience the Ultimate Wood Protection with Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label Oil Finish.

Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label oil finish is the ideal choice for wood protection and enhancement. This top-of-the-line formula deeply penetrates the wood fibers to provide long-lasting protection. It enriches the natural beauty of your decks, siding, fences, log homes, and even outdoor furniture. Choosing Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label will be your best investment that will give a beautiful look to your fences, decks, siding, and more.

Protect and beautify your exterior wood with the resilience of Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label Oil Finish. Designed for those who appreciate the natural beauty of wood and want a superior alternative to traditional stains, Ultra Premium Penofin Red Label offers unparalleled protection and longevity.

Penofin Red Label Stain Features:

99% UV Protection: Say goodbye to faded wood! Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label boasts advanced trans-oxide pigments that block a staggering 99% of harmful UV rays. It prevents discoloration and preserves the richness of your wood for years to come.

Mold and Mildew Protection: Keep unsightly mildew at bay! Penofin Red Label’s special formulation inhibits mildew growth, ensuring your wood stays pristine and beautiful.

Deep Penetrating Oil: Sustainably sourced Brazilian Rosewood Oil nourishes wood fibers deeply, far beyond what conventional stains can reach, ensuring robust, long-lasting protection.

Non-Fading Pigments:The integrity of the stain is paramount. Our pigments resist fading, ensuring they won't turn chalky or wash off even under strenuous conditions, giving your wood a one-coat finish that won't require sanding or stripping.

Efficient Curing Time:Time is of the essence, and with Penofin Red Label, your project will be dry to the touch in just 4 hours and serviceable in 12 hours – a full cure develops in only 4-7 days.

Have Questions? Check our FAQ section or contact us for more information about Ultra Premium Penofin Red Label.

Why Choose Ultra Premium Penofin Red Label?

Superior Weather Resistance: Rain, snow, wind, and harsh sun rays are no match for Penofin Ultra Premium. Its deeply penetrating formula forms a water-repellent barrier that shields your wood from moisture damage, cracking, and warping.

Brazilian Rosewood Oil Nourishment: Pamper your wood with the finest natural ingredients. Penofin is enriched with sustainably harvested highly penetrating Brazilian Rosewood Oil.

10 Transparent Tones: Choose the perfect shade to enhance your outdoor space. Penofin Ultra Premium comes in 10 stunning transparent tones that accentuate the natural grain of your wood while providing the protection it deserves.

Easy Application and Long-Lasting Beauty: Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free application process with Penofin Red Label. Its low-odor formula is a pleasure to work with, and the results are simply breathtaking.

Wondering where to buy Penofin Red Label? Look no further. We guarantee a genuine Penofin product, ensuring you only get the best!

Penofin Red Label Spec Chart:

Title Specs

Installation Temperature:

C (45° F) min /
26° C (80° F) max

Number of Coats Required:


Dries to Touch:

3-4 hours

Full Cure:

4-7 days


175-300 sq. ft./gal.


<250 g/L

Moisture Resistant:

24 hours

Clean Up:

Paint Thinner or Mineral Spirits

Relative Humidity:

: 85% Maximum, below 80% for best results




12 hours

Colors Available:

Sable, Redwood, Mission Brown, Serra, Hickory, Western Red Cedar, Bark, Clear, Cedar, Chestnut  


How to Apply Penofin Red Label:


Penofin Red Label was created to meet the demand for an exterior wood finish that outperforms all other transparent stains. The highly -penetrating Brazilian Rosewood Oil base, from sustainably harvested seeds, protects and nourishes wood fibers far deeper that any other stain. With the added mildew protection the “dark menace” will not attack wood so easily, and helps preserve that freshly-milled look. Penofin Ultra Premium is formulated to provide 99% UV protection.

Penofin Red Label is perfect where rain, wind, snow, or high elevations are encountered. The formula in Red Label is the result of extensive testing, and the use of the highest quality ingredients. Ultra Premium Penofin Red Label gives longer life to wood of any species.


New wood can be dirty from transport & construction, and mill glaze could be present. For prep we recommend the First Step Prep to lightly clean the wood and remove the mill glaze from the surface. Old bare wood should be cleaned using the Pro-Tech Cleaner #2. If greying or discoloration is present, follow with the cleaner with the Pro-Tech Brightener #3. If wood has been previously treated with a non-Penofin product, it’s recommended to chemically strip the wood with an Acrylic stripper, followed by the Pro-Tech Cleaner #2 and Pro-Tech Brightener #3.


Stir product thoroughly before and during application. Apply at temperatures between 45°F & 80°F. Penofin is stable under freeze/thaw conditions. For optimum performance bring the stain to room temperature before application. Do not apply if the wood is hot to the touch. Using a brush, stain pad, or plastic pump sprayer apply a liberal coat to the wood. Protect any adjacent areas you do not wish to stain by tarping or masking the area off.

Penofin is a penetrating oil finish and will penetrate any porous surface. All Penofin 20-30 minutes to penetrate into the wood. This step is important as it allows the finish to coat the individual fibers of the wood, protecting your investment from the inside out. After 20-30 minutes wipe the surface thoroughly with clean non-lint cloths to remove any excess finish.

If using the 2 coat (<550 VOC) formula, wait a minimum of 3 hours
before applying a second light coat repeating the above steps. Penofin is not a surface product. Failure to wipe will result in a sticky/
tacky finish


Keep the wood clean, free of debris or standing water for long periods of time. Twice yearly, clean the surface with Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner Step 2. Follow with Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener Step 3, if wood has grayed or started to darken. Allow the wood to dry and simply coat any areas that might show wear or tear from furniture, weather or foot traffic with another light application of Penofin.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Penofin Red Label Ultra Premium

1. How long Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label Oil Finish can last?

With proper care and maintenance, Penofin Red Label Ultra Premium 250 can last up to 8 years on decks and exterior surfaces. This exceptional longevity is due to its deeply penetrating formula that forms a strong bond with the wood.

2. What types of wood can I use Penofin Ultra Premium on?

Penofin Ultra Premium 250 is versatile and can be used on a wide variety of exterior wood surfaces, including decks, siding, fences, log homes, outdoor furniture, pergolas, and gazebos.

3. How easy is it to apply Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label?

It is formulated for easy application. Its low-odor formula is a pleasure to work with, and it can be applied using a brush, roller, or sprayer. The stain dries quickly, and you can recoat in just 2-4 hours.

4. Where can I purchase Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label Oil Finish?

You can buy it at an affordable price at our online store “The Paint People”.

5. What is the best bonus tip before applying Penofin Red Label?

Before applying the Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label, always test it in a small inconspicuous area to confirm you are happy with the color and performance.

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