Swiss Formula ACR Epoxy Enamel Paint for Hot Tubs

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Revitalize Your Hot Tub with Swiss Formula ACR Epoxy Enamel

Transform your hot tub or jacuzzi with our premium Swiss Formula ACR Epoxy Enamel—the ultimate solution that redefines durability and elegance for water-bound surfaces. A two component epoxy system developed to restore the finish on sinks, bathtubs, hot tubs, Jacuzzis and shower enclosures.

Give Your Hot Tub the Gift of Durability

Our ACR Epoxy Enamel isn't just any hot tub paint. Engineered in Switzerland, it's specifically formulated to endure the unique conditions of your personal oasis. Whether you're a proud hot tub owner, an enthusiastic DIYer, or a diligent spa manager, Swiss Formula ACR Epoxy Enamel offers unparalleled longevity and resistance to chemicals and temperatures.

Why Choose Swiss Formula ACR Epoxy Enamel?

Resistant to Fading: Ensuring your hot tub maintains its vibrant color season after season.

Chemical Durability: Combat the effects of chlorine and other spa chemicals.

Heat Resistance: Keep your hot tub looking great, even with the hottest water temperatures.

User-Friendly Application: A straightforward process tailored for DIY success.

Glossy Finish: A beautiful sheen that brings a luxurious look to your spa environment.

Wondering where to buy Swiss Formula ACR Hot Tub Paint? Look no further. We guarantee a genuine Penofin product, ensuring you only get the best!


Safe for Use on Hot Tubs and Jaccuzis

High Gloss Abrasion Resistant Finish

Two-Component Epoxy

Restores the Finish on Acrylic and Fibglass Showers

White in Colour

Trusted by Professionals, Swiss Formula ACR Epoxy Enamel is the go-to choice for hot tub manufacturers and commercial spa managers worldwide. If the experts trust it, you know your hot tub is in good hands.

Swiss Formula ACR Epoxy Paint?

Coverage: The coverage of Swiss Formula ACR is approximately 6m2/kit. A kit yields 2 coats on a tub.

Mix 236mL of both A and B for one coat of 3m2 (surface area of average tub)

Surface Preparation: Never use Swiss Formula ACR on heated surfaces (stoves). To test compatibility with the surface, mix up a small quantity (capful of Part A and B) of Swiss Formula ACR in a metal, foil or glass container. Allow to sit for 1 hour. Dab some Swiss Formula ACR onto an inconspicuous spot to test before painting.
Never paint over a chipped or peeling finish. Fill chips in original finishes using a two-part epoxy filler. Remove peeling paint completely before applying Swiss Formula ACR.

CHIPS: Repair surface chips with a 2-part epoxy filler.

RUST: Sand rusted areas and treat with a rust neutralizer/converter, such as Klenk’s Rust Converter or Circa 1850 Bare Metal.

GROUT: For best results, remove grout prior to painting tiles. Regrout after painting. If grout is not removed, thoroughly remove all
traces of grout sealer prior to cleaning, by scrubbing with Klenk’s Epoxy Thinner and then scrubbing with ammonia.

CAULKING: Thoroughly remove all traces of caulking prior to cleaning, by scraping off caulking, scrubbing with Klenk’s Epoxy Thinner
and then scrubbing with ammonia. Contamination of paint with caulking residue may result in small circles where paint
does not adhere (fish eyes). Add 2 drops of Klenk’s Fish Eye Eliminator to the paint if fish eyes occur. Recaulk after painting.

CLEANING: Thoroughly clean the surface using Swing TSP, VIM®
, Comet®, etc. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

SANDING: Thoroughly sand the surface to remove any gloss from the finish.
Use 200 grit for acrylic, fibreglass, etc. and 80 grit for ceramic, porcelain, etc.

Recoat Time: If applying two thin coats of Penofin Wood Sealer, allow the 1st coat to dry for one hour before applying the 2nd coat. Allow 72 hours before returning furniture to the , or resuming heavy use.

Maintenance: Once cured, you may clean painted surfaces with Klenk’s Bare Bath or with dishwashing liquid diluted 10 times in water.
DO NOT USE products containing caustics, solvents or abrasives

Cleanup: Clean spills and brush/roller immediately after each use using Klenk's Epoxy Thinner. Alternatively, use a new brush/roller for each coat.

Title Specs

Installation Temperature:

Maintain minimum room temperature of 24°C (75°F) during painting, and for 24 hours after painting. Ensure adequate ventilation, using
a fan if necessary. Do not paint during periods of high relative humidity.

Number of Coats Required:

2 -4

Dry to Touch:

Full Cure:

5 Days - do not use or place anything on the painted surface


Approximately 6m2 /kit. A kit yields 2 coats on tub.
Mix 236mL of both A and B for one coat of 3m2
(surface area of average tub)

Recoat Time:

2 hours, longer at low temperature and high humidity

Resin Type:

Two Part Epoxy


Brush, roller or spray

Pot Life:

48 hrs @ -15°C (5°F); 6 hrs @ 25°C (77°F). Pot life refers to the period of time during which the paint remains useful.

Viscosity Krebs:


Store in cool place, away from all sources of heat

Colors Available:



High Gloss

Frequently Asked Questions:
Swiss Formula ACR Hot Tub Epoxy Enamel

1. Is ACR Epoxy Enamel suitable for my hot tub or jacuzzi?

Absolutely! It's perfect for all types of hot tubs and jacuzzis.

2. Can I apply ACR Hot Tub paint myself?

Yes, it is designed for easy DIY application.

3. How long does ACR Epoxy Hot Tub paint last?

With proper application and care, your new finish can last for many enjoyable seasons.

4. How many coats are required of Swiss Formula ACR Epoxy Hot Tub paint?

Swiss Formula ACR is very thin. Apply a minimim of 2 thin coats (3 or 4 to cover darker colours) to prevent runs and drips.

5. If my tub is still tacky, should I apply a second coat of paint?

No. You should wait until the surface is no longer tacky. Increase the temperature in the room and use a fan to ventilate the area.
Place the paint in a very cold place until the surface is completely dry.

6. Why do I have small circles on the surface where the paint will not adhere?

The small circles are called fish eyes, and are caused by contamination with silicone from caulking residue or grout sealer. Add 2 drops
of Klenk’s Fish Eye Eliminator solution to the paint and apply another coat once the previous coat has dried.

7. How do I avoid getting runs on the surface of the paint?

If too much paint is applied to the surface at one time, that paint may run down the surface. Avoid applying an excessive amount of
paint at one time.

8. I have many brush marks on the surface of the paints. Can I sand the painted surface?

Yes, once the paint has dried thoroughly, you can use 400 or finer grit sandpaper to remove any brush marks or runs. After removing
the sanding dust using a damp cloth, apply another coat of paint.

9. I want to spray the epoxy. What is the mixing ratio and do I need to thin the paint?

The mixing ratio for the epoxy is 1:1. You can mix up as much of the paint as you require for each application. You do not need to thin
the paint.

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