XIM Advanced Technology UMA Bonder and Primer/Sealer White

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UMA® Advanced Technology Primer/Sealer/Bonder Primer is a fast drying, water-based bonding agent that has both primer and adhesive-like properties. It provides excellent adhesion to hard-to-paint surfaces even in high humidity conditions. Advanced Technology UMA Brand will form a hard film when fully cured. UMA Brand can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and can be top coated with latex, oil-based alkyds, lacquers, epoxies and urethanes.

UMA Brand contains XIM’s Flash Bond® Technology, a water-based, Nano particle technology, designed to provide excellent adhesion and hardness in a low VOC formula. It is a proprietary blend of adhesive polymers, surface penetrants, surface wetting agents and polymeric film hardeners.

UMA Brand is suitable for use on wood, metal, most plastics, fiberglass, Formica®, tile porcelain, glazed block, and glass. It is also suitable for use on galvanized metal and aluminum preceded by a solvent wipe. It is also recommended for Kynar® and silicone polyester siding. When priming Kynar® or silicone polyester siding, apply a test patch in two different areas to ensure adhesion is acceptable.

UMA Brand is not recommended for tubs, sinks and shower areas where continuous hot, soapy water contact occurs. Not recommended for use on polypropylene or polyethylene materials. Not recommended for below grade applications. For extra corrosion protection on iron or steel, use XIM360 NT Rust Inhibiting Primer. On extremely porous surfaces or severe staining types of wood, additional coats of UMA Advanced Technology Brand may be required.

MPI #17, E2, Green Certified, GPS-1. Refer to the MPI website for the most current listing of MPI certified products.

Why choose XIM UMA Bonder & Primer Sealer

⭐ Excellent adhesion
⭐ Improved wet adhesion on hard, glossy surfaces
⭐ Low temperature / high humidity application
⭐ Excellent leveling
⭐ Low odor & compatible with all top coats paints

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Jennifer Davies (Medicine Hat, CA)
outstanding service

Very thrilled with the outstanding customer support provided to our school to get this specialized paint. The was fantastic, but the assistance to deliver the product quickly is unmatched!!!