Circa 1850 Furniture Refinisher for Wood

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Transform Your Treasures with Circa 1850 Furniture Refinisher

⭐ Designed to refurbish worn, scratched or crackled finishes.
⭐ Works on anqiques, old furniture, as well as modern lacquered furniture.
⭐ Dissolves the old varnish, shellac, or lacquer and reconstitutes a new finish.
⭐ Will not raise wood grain, harm most glue joints, veneers or damage patina
⭐ Do not use on painted or plastic surfaces

Bring the Past to Present - Flawless Finish Guaranteed

Rediscover the beauty hidden beneath years of wear and tear on your cherished wood furnishings. Circa 1850 Furniture Refinisher is not just a solution; it's a revival of history in a bottle. Craftsmanship that narrates stories deserves to be preserved, and with Circa 1850, your antiques and modern wood pieces will narrate theirs for generations to come.

For the Love of Wood - Preserve, Protect, and Perfect


Circa 1850 Furniture Refinisher – Your DIY Companion

Revitalize your wooden furniture with the elegance and charm it once exuded. Our product seamlessly erases scratches, wear, and cracks, breathing new life into every piece.

Rediscover the Elegance of Antiques

  • Furniture Refinishing: Effortlessly return your furniture to its original glory.
  • Wood Restoration: Repair signs of age without erasing its storied past.
  • Antique Furniture: Honor the timelessness of your antiques with a pristine finish.

Uncompromising Quality for Your Timeless Pieces


Realize the Potential in Every Piece of Furniture

Our unique selling points ensure that your DIY projects or professional refurbishments leave an indelible signature of excellence:

  • Gentle Yet Powerful Formula: Circa 1850 is tough on finishes but kind to your wood, dissolving old layers and allowing a fresh, new finish to emerge.
  • No Need to Strip: Save time and effort; there's no need for stripping. Our refinisher reconstructs the finish directly.
  • Versatile Application: Whether it's varnishes, shellacs, or lacquers, our refinisher is formulated to be effective across a variety of finishes.
  • Designed for the Enthusiast: Whether you're a seasoned antique collector or a homeowner with a flair for DIY, Circa 1850 is your partner in furniture restoration.

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